Custom Raiders Jersey No longer chasing ‘The Dream’

Harden equals Olajuwon’s mark for triple-doubles,Men’s Nike Custom Made Dallas Cowboys Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Football Jersey.

James Harden’s latest game left him tied in Houston’s record books with perhaps
Custom Raiders Jersey the greatest Rocket of all.

Harden had a triple-double – 15 points, 14 assists and 11 rebounds – in just three quarters to lead the Rockets to their eighth straight win, 132-98 over the shorthanded Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night.

It was Harden’s fifth triple-double this season and the 14th of his career, which
Custom Cowboys Jersey ties him with Hakeem Olajuwon for most in franchise history.

After the game, Harden acknowledged how special it is to be mentioned in the same breath as the man known as “The Dream”.

“Yes, obviously Hakeem is an all-time Rockets great, best to ever don a Rockets uniform and one of the best to ever play, period,” Harden said. “So I’m just
Customized Dallas Cowboys Jersey honored. It’s a credit to my teammates and coaches who helped me.”

Houston’s winning streak is the longest current one in the NBA and the team’s longest since 2014.

“The biggest thing I’m happy with is we had 40 assists on 50 buckets, so they’re sharing the ball,” coach Mike D’Antoni said. “James does what he does every night
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Harden’s triple-double came in 29 minutes and 52 seconds of play.

Houston led by 15 points in the third quarter before using a 10-4 run to push it to 76-53 with about seven minutes left in the period.

The Rockets began to pour it on after that, outscoring the Kings 18-5 over the next three minutes to make it 94-58. Trevor Ariza scored the first five points in that span and capped it with a 3-pointer.

Harden grabbed his 10th rebound soon after that and got one more late in the
Customized Oakland Raiders Jersey third before heading to the bench to end his night.

The Kings played without three starters, with Rudy Gay (hip flexor strain) and Ben McLemore (left quadriceps contusion) out with injuries and DeMarcus Cousins getting a planned day of rest.

Sacramento was led by Garrett Temple’s 20 points.

“There are times when teams are going to have to rest people and that gives other guys an opportunity to step up,” Sacramento’s Matt Barnes said.

“We have to weather the storm until Ben and Rudy get back. I think DeMarcus is playing in the next game. We have to pick up the pieces and continue to play hard and improve.”

Ryan Anderson had 22 points and Sam Dekker had a career-high 19 for Houston.
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Harden has thrived running D’Antoni’s fast-paced offense and has piled up 53 assists in the past four games.

The Rockets finished with 22 3-pointers to give them at least 15 3s in three straight games, which ties a franchise record.

They came one short of tying the NBA record for 3s in a game.

With her son on the bench for the entire fourth quarter, Harden’s mother, Monja Willis, implored Dekker to help the Rockets break the record.

“James’ mom kept yelling at me,” Dekker said. “She was laughing and she kept saying: ‘You need two more for the record. Two more for the record.’ But I didn’t pay too much mind to it. We got out of there with a win and with the way we shoot the ball, I think we’ll get pretty close again.”

With Cousins sitting out to rest, Harden, who has played in 152 consecutive games, was asked why he never wants to take a night off to give his body a break.

“I know I’m not going to be playing basketball for the rest of my life,” he said.
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“I cherish moments like these and I love to play basketball … I just love being on the court.”

Utah shooters too accurate for Thunder

Rodney Hood scored 25 points to lead the Utah Jazz to a 109-89 victory over he Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night in a battle for first place in the NBA’s Northwest Division.

Utah led from start to finish behind 58.3 percent shooting and showed why it’s one of the best defensive teams in the league, holding the Thunder to 36.6 percent from the field.

Gordon Hayward scored 17 for the Jazz, who have won nine of 11. Rudy Gobert added 12 points, 12 rebounds and three blocks.

Russell Westbrook paced the Thunder with 27 points, six rebounds and five assists.Youth Nike Custom Made Oakland Raiders Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

Enes Kanter scored 19 for Oklahoma City against his former team.

The Jazz took a 55-41 lead into halftime thanks to a 15-6 run in the second quarter. Hood sank a pair of 3-pointers to highlight the stretch.

The Thunder shot just 32.5 percent in the first half and had little offense outside of Westbrook’s 14 points on 3-for-11 shooting.

The Jazz played their first game in four days after a stretch of eight in 13 days.

Utah’s injury-ravaged roster got Derrick Favors (knee) back after a 13-game absence, and Hood (hamstring) returned after missing three games.

Crimson Trace Leader Rides Off Into Sunset

cheap red dot sight started in 1994 and evolved into an industry leader of laser sighting systems, thanks to co-founder and engineer, Lew Danielson. After more than two decades of innovation and hard work, Danielson has announced his retirement from the company. “I am very proud of what Crimson Trace has become and what we have accomplished in the laser sighting industry with the many innovations we’ve introduced to the market place,” said Danielson. He was the 2015 National Rifle Association’s eotech 552 clone recipient.

Video tools revolutionise security and management

Safety and security are two important concerns of a medical facility. With costs increasing for maintaining a safe, efficient and productive environment, a stronger model of protection should be on the minds of security, healthcare and lab personnel: considering hazardous or sensitive material, protecting pharmaceutical and chemical supplies, safeguarding the integrity of research processes, standards and results, or shielding the classified nature of projects.

When it comes to ip cctv system, combining multiple surveillance capabilities provides a deeper service, giving managers new tools for more than just security. Labs and medical facilities can take full advantage of IP video management software (VMS) to reduce overhead costs and improve monitoring to protect valuable information and lives at stake in a research or healthcare environment. Optimizing operations or hygiene and safety procedures is easier with proper overview and video documentation of activities and results.

With IP video surveillance available today, laboratories can always keep watch over equipment, materials, animals, patients or staff – even remotely. The VMS can track live or record for reports, analysis or exported evidence on the status, progress and results of lab activities during all hours – also monitoring persons entering and exiting facilities.

An open platform VMS solution also provides more options to choose different hardware, such as advanced megapixel, HD, day/night, infrared or thermal dahua security camera, powerful data storage servers and other high tech offerings as they become available on the market. New levels of detail and clarity can significantly improve the research process and outcome.

An open platform solution also enables improved operations through a variety of inter-operable analytics, or integration with personnel and access control systems to coordinate and control employee work shifts, for example. Integrations with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) or lighting systems can add value in laboratory environments, too. Imagine a growth culture experiment where a power failure or even just a heat lamp going on the blink could stop a project’s progress. IP video can be configured to send an alert, email or text to take action immediately.

Cancer Center expands monitoring

One of the world’s premier cancer centers in America is using IP video surveillance as a tool to support their leading-edge research, educational programs, and exceptional patient care. The collaboration between scientists and physicians is one of their unique strengths for providing patients with the best care through more effective strategies to prevent, control, and ultimately cure cancer.

“Several years ago, we expanded our IT services to include environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity for floods and fire, using a network device that had a dahua camera built into it. Our staff started using those cameras for other purposes, asking us to position the views so they could keep track of research experiments in progress. Word got around and more requests came in, so we started buying IP cameras that could be plugged right into the IT network,” relates the manager of technical services.

The surveillance was useful for keeping an eye on freezers and incubators, as well as entrances and exits after hours. Initially only live video streams were provided to the users, and they could move Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) IP CCTV Security Camera around for better views of their work areas, using pre-set positions configured in the software.

Eventually, someone requested more than just the live feed and still photo capabilities. Archiving of the images was desired for the ability to quickly search, find, analyze and produce monitoring results after the fact. The IT department found Milestone Systems, one of the first IP video surveillance software developers in the market at that time, now the world market leader according to numerous reports from IMS Research.

The cancer institute’s employees working in research do not need IT access to the server, or to use their precious time and scientific expertise fiddling with computer systems. The IT department manages the Milestone solution centrally, adding new Wireless Security Cameras to the network for users as requested. The scalability and flexibility of the system is optimal as a service.

Hot Lab coverage for emergency preparedness

A hospital in upstate New York got a grant from Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness against bio-terrorism. The hospital has a cardiac and urology department that does radiation therapy with nuclear medications, in what is called a ‘Hot Lab’. They also opened a Cancer Center that has a Hot Lab with vaults that require careful monitoring for intrusion, theft and safety.

A hospital can implement both wired and wireless solutions depending on the location needs: just put up a wireless access point for a spot opportunity. There can be two-way audio and control with a camera: it simply plugs in and gets a wireless card in it. Users just log on to that external ip camera recording on the system and it can easily be moved to another spot with another access point – it doesn’t matter where it is on the network: as long as it is registered in the Milestone software, it will be recorded. The VMS can optimize performance on any hardware setup.

“It’s a vulnerable population with many of our patients being elderly or psychiatric, and we have to protect them at the same time as their loved ones who visit – and our own personnel who come and go at all times of the day and night,” says the executive vice president at the hospital. “The security challenges are complex, with many different kinds of patient care going on around the clock. The multiple buildings and locations only add to the tough requirements.”

This institution manages over 200 beds, with 1,000 employees, students in training, and visiting families of patients. Almost 8,000 discharges per year are cared for, plus 150,000 out-patients including 23,000 who use the emergency room. Eight buildings cover about 400,000 square feet at its main campus, and four more locations handle physical therapy and warehousing of supplies.

“We have a combination of buildings that range from 80 to 200 years old, each designed with their own doors – there are many exits and entrances. Most of them are locked at night, but keeping track of all the complex activities throughout the entire campus is demanding. The pharmacy is very sensitive, where both access control and surveillance are absolutely required. Some areas of the hospital have very valuable assets that are worth a lot of money on the street: we have big investments in technology in the O.R., for example,” says the executive vice president.

Saving costs and improving safety 24/7

Another case where safety relies on a more intense surveillance program – to reduce costs while providing 24-hour monitoring for at-risk patients – is demonstrated at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. The state’s largest healthcare facility holds 625 beds and hospital units ranging from pediatrics to bio-containment.

Previously, when a patient required 24/7 observation, The Nebraska Medical Center placed a staff member in the room to keep an eye on the patient – standard practice for patients in a critical state of health, on suicide watch, or prone to violent outbursts. It is a typical scenario for the medical center to have two or three dozen patients being monitored one-on-one, which can put a strain on staffing costs.

An IP surveillance system was installed with almost 300 day/night megapixel cameras and 12 monitoring stations running Milestone XProtect® VMS to provide a consolidated single-management interface – an efficient way to view and control an unlimited number of cameras. The result is improved patient safety and reduced costs from a decrease in physical staff hours required.

The system is used on a daily basis; on average, the staff holds watch over five to six patients per active monitoring station, for a total of 20 to 30 patients at any given moment. This number fluctuates but XProtect lets them quickly activate and deactivate camera views as needed. A staff member can simply pull up a list of cameras within the system and drag over the views they want to see during their shift. In the middle of the night during another shift, they can very easily add another when needed, which is important in a hospital setting where patients move around at all hours. The software’s smart technology is even utilized to mask out areas in certain rooms and send an alert if a patient moves beyond their restricted area.

Increase efficiency, document results

It is clear that IP VMS surveillance can dramatically increase efficiency in medical settings by intelligently monitoring with real-time video and recording activities for review and analysis. Such applications have proven to be valuable and reliable when deployed in real-world settings. Motion detection can ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter restricted zones, and keep track of expensive lab equipment or supplies that may unexpectedly move or be missing. Integrating counter-directional video analytics can show if a person or object breaks preset actions or boundaries within an area.

There are endless possibilities when combining analytics or other integrations with an open platform IP video system such as Milestone XProtect. The open platform future-proofs the video surveillance and supports investment opportunities for improving the monitoring tools over time with hardware or other system integrations to stay in tune with the needs of research and medical facilities as technology advances.

Courtney Dillon Pedersen is the Communications Manager at Milestone Systems. She worked for both newspapers and magazines, including Ms. Magazine and Esquire Magazine. Eight years with U.N. agency project work introduced her to the communication needs of IT implementations, airsoft holographic sight followed by Microsoft and their partners as her next employers before she moved into the security sector with Milestone in 2003. She has researched and written about more than 400 customer implementations, educating the market in the many benefits of using IP technology.

Customized Oakland Raiders Jersey Why The Tech Industry Has The Most At Stake In This Presidential Transition

On the eve of the Tech Summit in NYC tomorrow, we’re still learning just how much is at stake for the technology industry under the incoming administration.
Customized Oakland Raiders Jersey Uncertainty surrounding regulatory and agenda-driven changes will not only impact the businesses that operate in this industry – but also its consumers. While the full scope of the new administration’s priorities remains to be seen, different scenarios touch on several critical aspects of this industry, from trade policy to consumer data
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Our country’s growth and innovation is of critical concern, both from a national and global perspective. It’s not yet clear how the new administration’s policies and priorities will impact the development of emerging technologies like the
Custom Raiders Jersey Internet of Things (IoT), smart city initiatives, connected cars and autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, or 5G wireless networks. And encryption is another contentious, highly publicized issue. The protection of consumers’ privacy and companies’ ability to inspire trust among its stakeholders will continue to be at the center of this debate.

At this week’s Tech Summit in NYC, these are the three areas business leaders in the tech industry are prioritizing in light of the incoming administration:

  • Talent. The subject of immigration has been announced as a key early priority for the incoming administration. Changes may include further limitations to or
    Custom Cowboys Jersey elimination of the H-1B visa program, which allows US companies to hire highly skilled workers in such fields as engineering and computer science from abroad. The program is heavily used by tech companies which have advocated for expansion of the program and which could face a shortage of skilled talent if it is scaled back or eliminated. Potential tightening of H1-B visas and increased competition for qualified staff could lead to a resurgence in “acqui-hire” deals to fill the gap (the acquisition of a company
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  • Deals. Another significant issue will be the fate of large announced and prospective mergers. While none of the fundamental drivers of deals has changed, depending on changing regulations and policies, greater volatility is possible which could lead to increased M&A activity. Areas to focus on include potential increased regulatory review on deals including both antitrust and CFIUS; the impact of new policy on megadeals and inbound deals- especially from China, and a potential rise in interest rates that could result in a decrease in funding sources.
  • Taxes. One of the President-elect’s top priorities is comprehensive tax reform to significantly lower business and individual tax rates. Corporate tax rates would be lowered from 35 percent to 15 percent and changes to personal taxes include alterations to capital gains and estate taxes. However, at least some parts of this proposal is expected to face opposition in the Senate. There are significant implications to intellectual property-rich industries, like tech. The new administration’s focus on moving American companies’ overseas operations and investments to the US may, on the other hand, have significant implications for large companies. The President-elect has said he favors a “one time tax holiday,” taxing foreign income that is repatriated, or brought back into the US, at a rate of 10 percent – which is a fraction of the current rate of 35 percent. But will these gains be offset by the potential costs involved in setting up new operations or the possible loss of revenues should these changes require companies to raise the price of their products?

There are several other unknowns at stake for the tech industry. Above all, regulatory developments that will impact the tech landscape are top of mind
Men’s Nike Custom Made Oakland Raiders Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale given the potential impact to competition. Take for example the recently-announced transition team for the FCC. The team is led by two individuals who
Customized Dallas Cowboys Jersey have been highly critical of both rules and of many of the policies of the current FCC. Net Neutrality may ultimately be repealed or watered down, impacting the competition between ISPs and providers.

This also includes what becomes of the R&D tax credit – a 13 percent dollar-for-dollar credit against taxes owed or paid for expenses associated with research. This is an important issue, yet one that has so far been largely absent from discussions of tax reform. Additionally, the future of cleantech and STEM education remains largely unknown.

During this transition period, which may last for some time, businesses may be tempted to adopt a “wait and see approach” until shifts in policy are clearer, but the reality is change on some level is inevitable. Smart companies are taking the long view by thinking through the strategic and operational impact of multiple scenarios under the new administration.Youth Nike Custom Made Oakland Raiders Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

Springfield Armory Saint Marches In

For the first time, an AR-15-style carbine is wearing iconic insignia of crossed cannons and flaming bomb. For some, the Saint may be a long-overdue addition to the company’s catalog of M1A rifles, holographic sight airsoft M1911-style pistols and the extensive XD line of polymer-framed handguns. Others may wonder why Springfield would bother to enter a market seemingly awash in M4-style semi-automatic rifles. To the former, I’d say better late than never. Having spent considerable time behind the trigger of AR-style rifles, both military and commercial models as a soldier and armed citizen, I’d contend that the Saint is smartly designed and priced to sell, making it a firearm worth waiting for. To the latter group, remember that even now, in the golden age of ARs, with more makes and models available to consumers than ever before, such rifles continue to sell at breakneck pace. The entrance of a major gun manufacturer into such a competitive and insatiable market is only good news for American consumers.

Still, one might wonder, why now? In speaking to Springfield Armory’s chief operating officer, Dennis Reese, I learned that building an AR-15 has been among his ambitions since the mid-1990s. But it was only in the past two or three years that the company got serious about making that ambition a reality. As for the crowded marketplace and the company’s belated entrance, Reese had this to say, “We at Springfield believe the AR-15 platform is not oversaturated in the market and will have a very bright future for decades to come. airsoft eotech Springfield is determined to be part of that future.” In talking about the new rifle and its future, he continued, “The Saint has such great modularity [and can be evolved] in so many ways,” emphasizing that the subject of this article is just the first product in what will likely be a full line. And like other Springfield products, consumers can expect the Saint and future offerings to exhibit high quality, offer real value and be ready to shoot right out of the box.

My next question for Springfield had to do with the new AR’s name, and company representatives had several explanations for the choice. Acknowledging that some may not understand the name, or may not agree with a religious term being applied to a firearm, Springfield contends that AR platforms, eotech replica for sale and other semi-automatic personal-defense rifles, have been unfairly characterized by politicians and the media as instruments of evil. However, we know that in the hands of law-abiding citizens, a gun’s true purpose is to protect and defend life, liberty and property. The name Saint, therefore, was chosen to evoke a sense of strength and safety, and to characterize the rifle as a tool that can be trusted and relied upon in the worst of times.

Whether or not the name has the desired impact, the Saint’s introduction has led to a noticeable change in Springfield Armory’s advertising strategy of late, a change that you have probably witnessed in these very pages. The slogan “Defend Your Legacy” is writ large, and much of the supporting images and online videos reflect the newest generation of gun owners and the growing population of female shooters—a group characterized as “youthful, eotech 553 clone for sale aspirational and unapologetic.” To learn more about the new focus, I spoke with Reese’s daughter, Stefany, the company’s social media coordinator, about legacy, and what it means to her. There are some obvious answers such as material wealth, contributions to an industry, or memories and wisdom passed down to family. But Reese and I agreed that for people of our generation—in their late 20s and early 30s—legacy is something yet to be built. Many of our peers are just hitting their stride professionally and may not be settled into any kind of traditional family life. It’s hard to think about legacy, let alone defend it, before you’ve really had a chance to establish one. We see our parents and grandparents, and the things they’ve done and the things they’ll leave behind, and we understand their legacy, indeed we are part of it. But for us, legacy is more about the promise of the future, and defending it means maintaining our freedom to build something worth passing on. Reese made a great point when she talked about women, particularly young women, who are adventurers, mothers, professionals and all-of-the-above, and how many are just starting to ask the question, “How will I defend myself?” And for those, the Saint is Springfield’s answer.

At first blush, the Saint is a handsome carbine, if not particularly distinct from other offerings in the AR-15/M4 category. It is a direct-gas, semi-automatic center-fire rifle chambered for 5.56×45 mm NATO (.223 Rem.). It operates on a mid-length gas system and feeds from an AR-style detachable-box magazine. eotech 556 clone To say this pattern has been followed before would be an understatement. Still, Springfield’s designers paid attention to the small details that matter and made good decisions with regard to the Saint’s construction and features, resulting in a carbine that is more than the sum of its parts.

At the heart of any rifle is its barrel. The Saint sports a 16″ chrome moly vanadium barrel in the A2- or Government-style contour, sans M203 cut, rifled with a 1:8″ right-hand twist and capped by a birdcage-style flash hider. It’s a handy and versatile design that provides the shortest possible overall length (non-SBR) and rifling that will stabilize a wide range of bullets from 55 to 77 grs. in weight. Rather than chrome lining the barrel to increase longevity, Springfield made the decision to use a nitriding process called Melonite, inside and out—chamber, bore and external surfaces—greatly improving the hardness and durability of treated metal surfaces without adding a layer of material as does chrome lining. In my opinion, this was a very savvy decision given Springfield’s experience and expertise with Melonite, which has been used for decades, and with great success, in the company’s XD line of pistols.

The author fired more than 2,000 rounds during his evaluation using a Trijicon MRO and flashlight for close-range work and an EOTech Vudu 1-6X 24 mm riflescope for 100-yd. accuracy tests.

Springfield’s design team also carefully considered reliability, longevity and recoil management when configuring the rifle’s operating system. A mid-length gas system was chosen because it can be paired with a short, 16″ barrel and still deliver reliable performance and less recoil than a comparable carbine-length arrangement. Gas is siphoned off the barrel at the forward-mounted gas block and channeled back into the gas key of the bolt carrier group to power the bolt’s unlocking and rearward motion. The Saint’s gas block and front sight post are combined in the familiar A2 configuration, including the bayonet lug and sling swivel. We can assume that this proven design was chosen for its utility and ease of manufacture.

The bolt carrier group itself is built on the M16 design and specifications, and is machined from Carpenter 158 steel. Heavier and more robust than AR-15-style groups, the mil-spec M16 bolt carrier group is renowned for its durability, and Springfield applied a dry lubricant to further enhance performance and longevity. Just behind the bolt carrier is the buffer and buffer spring. The assembly is designed to catch the bolt carrier group, arrest its rearward movement and force it forward again to pick up a fresh round before locking into battery. The buffer is critical to reliable cycling, and as the AR platform has been adapted—such as for new chamberings or use with suppressors—buffers of various weights have been introduced to help regulate a gun’s timing and optimize its performance. The Saint uses a heavy “H” tungsten buffer, which is not only a complementary choice to the gun’s 5.56 mm NATO chambering and mid-length gas system, it also pairs nicely with the heavy bolt carrier group, and the combined weight of those components is effective in dampening felt recoil.

The final primary component for the Saint’s firing sequence is the gun’s trigger group. The challenge here for Springfield’s designers, as set forth by Dennis Reese, was to design the best possible trigger system using the conventional G.I. single-stage trigger arrangement. The team’s solution was to enhance the G.I. trigger group by applying a nickel boron coating to all components and micro-polishing the engagement surfaces. The result is an exceptionally smooth trigger pull—especially for a production-grade AR—with no take-up or overtravel, and a relatively short reset, clearly denoted by tactile and audible cues, for fast follow-up shots. My testing has included three different Saint rifles, and each has had a trigger pull in the 5-lb., 8-oz., to 6-lb., 8-oz. range. The average of 10 trigger pulls for the primary test rifle yielded an average pull weight of 6 lbs., 1 oz.

Though much of the follows the well-established AR template, the new rifle does add one feature that, while not entirely new, has not been seen before in a production offering from a major manufacturer. Located behind the hammer and trigger assembly, and accessible from the bottom of the lower receiver when the pistol grip is removed, Springfield has incorporated a nylon-tipped tensioning screw that tightens the engagement between the upper and lower receivers. Dubbed the Accu-Tite system by Springfield, the screw can be raised with an 1/8″ Allen wrench to apply upward pressure on the upper receiver’s rear takedown pin lug, effectively eliminating the shake, rattle and roll common to mil-spec ARs. It can, in theory, also improve performance in the same way tight slide-to-frame fitting improves the accuracy of an M1911. However, it should be noted that over-tightening will make it difficult, or impossible, to remove the takedown pin by hand. I’ve found that after tightening the screw, hand tight, to snug up the receivers, a 1/4-turn back out results in a rattle-free Saint that can still be disassembled. Time will tell if the system is effective enough to warrant widespread acceptance, but it’s nice to see innovation and creative thinking within such a well-established category. Other controls are typical of the class, both in function and location: two-position radial safety (left-side only), magazine release, G.I.-style charging handle, forward assist and bolt catch/release.

Much like the gun’s internals, the Saint’s exterior components and appearance are familiar, but the assembly as a whole offers real utility and value. The receivers are both constructed with hard-coat anodized, aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum. The upper receiver features a flat top of Picatinny rail for the attachment of optics. The Saint also includes Springfield Armory’s flip-up, dual-aperture rear sight, which offers 1/2-m.o.a. windage adjustments, and pairs nicely with the F-height elevation-adjustable A2 front post. Like most AR makers, Springfield Armory manufactures some components and sources others, and the receivers fall into the latter category. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the Saint is entirely American-made, with parts coming from Springfield’s own Geneseo, Ill., factory, or other U.S. manufacturers. The receivers are made by a very well-regarded aerospace engineering and machining firm, and are built to Springfield’s specifications. While on the topic of the Saint’s manufacture, Springfield actually expanded its own facility to accommodate production of the new firearm and, one can assume, provide for future expansion of its capacity to manufacture components in-house.

One of the most distinguishing, and commonly replaced, components on any black rifle is its furniture. The term “furniture,” when referring to firearms, has undergone a bit of a transformation since the commercial AR came of age. In today’s AR lexicon, furniture refers to the buttstock, pistol grip and handguard. For the Saint, Springfield chose a single vendor for all three items, and one that AR buffs will be familiar with,

The buttstock and pistol grip both come from the line, and are molded from durable, lightweight polymer. A six-position design, the stock fits over the Saint’s mil-spec buffer tube and offers approximately 3.25″ of adjustment. I was impressed with how securely the buttstock locked into position; it exhibited none of the wiggle, shift or rotation commonly seen in adjustable AR stocks. A horizontal slot and bilateral QD ports are incorporated for the attachment of slings. Bravo’s BCMGunfighter Grip features a reduced angle compared to most competitive products—on par with an M1911 or XD pistol—as well as an internal storage compartment that is sealed by a hinged, water-resistant cap. Rifles in the AR-15 pattern have typically used pistol grips angled strongly to the rear, a design that is ergonomically appropriate for bladed-body shooting positions. In recent decades, however, the rise in use of individual body armor, and other considerations, have prompted military and law enforcement personnel to adopt more squared-up shooting stances, changing somewhat the AR’s manual of arms. The evolution, of course, has trickled down to civilian riflemen, so it’s nice to see that the Saint’s pistol grip was selected with ergonomics and modern shooting techniques in mind.

The Saint offers no surprises in terms of components or construction but, as a whole, is well-designed for reliability and longevity. For example, the M16-profile bolt carrier group (lower left) and other internals feature a dry lube to improve lubricity and reduce wear. As well, the Accu-Tite system (right) will allow users to eliminate play between the receivers.

Both the buttstock and the pistol grip were products previously available for aftermarket purchase. The handguard, on the other hand, is a new design that Bravo Company is calling the PKMR—Poly KeyMod Rail. The handguard is a two-piece arrangement with an integrated heat shield that makes use of the AR’s traditional spring-tensioned delta ring for attachment. Interestingly, the trim, textured fore-end utilizes KeyMod attachment ports for the addition of accessories and rails. This is the first time I’ve seen KeyMod used on a polymer handguard, but in examining the assembly and speaking with Paul Buffoni, president of Bravo Company Mfg., I learned that the key-hole-shaped attachment ports are reinforced with steel inserts to prevent wear or wobble. All told, 18 KeyMod ports are available and are evenly distributed across the handguard’s 2-, 6- and 10-o’clock faces.

For testing, I affixed a short rail section and a Surefire flashlight to the front of my evaluation rifle. So far, with my total round count somewhere around 2,000, I’ve experienced no issues with the arrangement, and can report that the rail and flashlight are still snug and secure. At writing, the BCM PKMR handguard is exclusive to Springfield Armory’s Saint, but the component should be available for purchase from Bravo Company in early 2017.

Having sent thousands of rounds downrange, and witnessed thousands more fired by other evaluators, I found the Saint to be one of the most reliable rifles I’ve ever shot. I used it at short range, long range, in the sand and sun of the Las Vegas desert and the heat and humidity of Virginia. Through it all, the Saint ran reliably and delivered accurate fire. Those familiar with ARs will appreciate the way the Accu-Tite system and BCM buttstock combine to make the platform, renowned for its modularity, rock solid and rattle free. Likewise, the light overall weight—6 lbs., 11 ozs.—paired with the recoil-attenuating heavy bolt and buffer, make for a rifle that is easy to carry and enjoyable to shoot. But perhaps the Saint’s most salient feature is its price; MSRP is less than $900. At that price, Springfield has delivered a rifle that is light, trim and well-equipped—a blend of classic M4 components and critical enhancements—and one heck of a bargain for those interested in an entry- or mid-level AR.

So, legacy defended? Considering its well-regarded M1911 pistols, its class-leading M1As and the ever-evolving XD line, Springfield Armory’s reputation as a premier American gunmaker was never in danger. But in terms of offering a product that new gun owners and veteran shooters can all appreciate, the company has done a good job.

The AR-15 has long been regarded as one of the easiest rifles to learn and use effectively—it’s lightweight, light on recoil and can be very accurate. These are some of the reasons it’s been a staple for more than 50 years, and the same qualifications make it extremely well-suited for use by armed citizens of all ages, sizes and genders. The new Saint is a well-designed rendition of the trusted platform, being built by a respected manufacturer. So for those wondering, perhaps for the first time, “How will I defend myself?” has your answer.

Avigilon reports strong Q2 success as worldwide sales increase

Avigilon has announced a 61 per cent increase in revenue for the second quarter of 2013 compared to the same period the previous year.

The high-definition ip cctv system provider has reported its financial results for the three months ending June 30 2013.

Revenue in the second quarter was C$39.92 million, up 61 per cent or C$14.8 million year-on-year. airsoft holographic sight Avigilon cited a “strong rise” in product sales worldwide, penetration of new markets and sales of new products as key factors behind the increase in revenue.

Gross margin was 53 per cent, up from 48 per cent a year earlier, while earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) was C$5.4 million in Q2 2013, an increase of 159 per cent compared to C$ 2.1 million in the second quarter of 2012.

The year-on-year improvement in EBITDA reflected the company’s increased revenue and improved gross margin, according to Avigilon, along with “lower than expected personnel expenses in certain areas” due to delays in planned hiring during the quarter.

Alexander Fernandes, president and CEO at Avigilon, claimed the success in the second quarter was testament to the company’s growth strategies and a “rapid rise in demand” for high-definition cctv surveillance camera systems.

He said: “We continue to expand our sales and product development teams aggressively and invest in marketing to increase brand awareness – efforts we believe will allow us to maximise revenue growth and long-term profitability.”

“Innovation is a hallmark of Avigilon, and in the second quarter we built on our track record with the introduction of the world’s smallest HD dome Security Cameras and the release of our Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 5.0 software,” added Fernandes.

“We also acquired RedCloud Securit., which has developed highly innovative web-based, physical and virtual access control systems. This acquisition provides complementary technology and an entry point to the growing access control market.”

Redvision’s new service centre promises fast X-SERIES turnaround

Redvision, the manufacturer of the X-SERIES rugged PTZ and dome, have vowed its new service centre will test, repair, recondition and return a Security Cameras to its customers within one week.

The new service centre is managed by Jack Waterfall who is passionate about customer satisfaction.

Waterfall explained, “X-SERIES rugged PTZ and domes are designed and built in the UK to a very high specification. The majority of repairs are replacing worn parts, which is inevitable for a product with moving parts and seals, especially as some are used continuously.

“However, despite comprehensive operational and soak testing before dispatch, we do occasionally have faults in the mechanism or Hikvision IP Camera module. Whatever the problem, we fix, recondition to the current specification and return the camera to the customer within a week. I am supported by Malcolm Procter, who has over 20 years CCTV engineering experience and expertise and was actively involved in the X-SERIES development, so no issue remains unresolved.”

Redvision ensures customers are kept informed throughout the servicing process. Chargeable repair quotations are issued within 48 hours, but still returned within a week. This time frame even includes a minimum of 24 hour soak testing for all serviced Hikvision Camera modules before dispatch.

Each X-SERIES is re-built to the current Redvision build and software standards, so they are as good as new when they leave. New seals are fitted, to ensure IP67 rating, and then the cameras are pressure tested. All the parts used are Redvision approved and manufactured on site.

Waterfall added: “Our service department not only ensures outstanding customer service, but it also informs and influences our design and manufacture. Every X-SERIES rugged PTZ and dome has thorough traceability, including build-version, assembly procedures and the operatives used. This ensures we meet the highest quality assurance standards with a complete audit trail.”

Customers of Revision cairsoft holographic sight an feel secure in the knowledge that a Redvision X-SERIES rugged PTZ and dome will go the distance.

Reverse vandalism CCTV footage seen by millions ‘a very powerful image’

Last month in Boston, Lincolnshire, the myth surrounding the idea that CCTV is used only as a deterrent to stop crime was well and truly exploded.  On prime-time television, viewers around the globe witnessed a group of youths bending a previously vandalised bike-rack back into position, with CCTV images broadcasting the whole incident with crystal-clear quality.

Unknown to revellers and onlookers alike was the fact that impressive quality CCTV images were being transmitted wirelessly back to the town’s security control room using equipment supplied by specialist outdoor wireless airsoft holographic sight company, Wavesight. Operators at the new control room can clearly be seen zooming in on the youths and watching them as they carefully bend the bike rack into position.

In July, facilities management and security company, OCS, updated the Boston Wireless IP CCTV Camera system to future-proof it for years to come.  Removing the old analogue cameras and leased fibre lines, they utilised Wavesight’s transmission products and expertise to provide a wireless solution using the latest in IP cameras supplied by Panasonic.

Steve Pittom, MD for Wavesight, said: This is a very powerful image for us. It clearly shows the quality of the images that can be transmitted wirelessly in real-time. It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words, and this was never so true as when the cctv surveillance camera operators in Boston witnessed the un-vandalising of a piece of street furniture.  For it to make headline news, due not only to the nature of what was happening, but also on account of the quality of the images broadcasting this impressive DIY repair job to the masses, is a testimony to our skills in ensuring that wireless CCTV IP Camera technology really works and provides an excellent solution that meets client needs.

The footage, which has already received over 2 million views from around the world and was also aired on BBC and ITV evening news. See the video below:

Middle East takes a shine to WaveSTAR

With end-users throughout the Middle East increasingly looking to implement integrated IP network based security solutions, it is not surprising that there has been considerable interest generated by WaveSTAR, a feature of Wavestores VMS, which offers a fast, safe, multi-purpose translation capability to facilitate the rapid integration of any third partys equipment protocols.

WaveSTAR (Sensing, Translation, Action and Response) allows information in many forms and countless protocols to trigger any of the wide range of responses possible in a Wavestore system.? These include actions such as controlling recordings, directing PTZ Security Cameras, switching display contents for all or specified users, and e-mailing images and other information, all using configurable Wavestore rules.? It is able to support any device or system that is able to transmit an alert over the network if and when a specified incident or activity occurs.

WaveSTAR? allows information in many forms and countless protocols to trigger any of the wide range of responses possible in a Wavestore system.? These include actions such as controlling recordings, directing Hikvision IP Camera, switching display contents for all or specified users, and e-mailing images and other information, all using configurable Wavestore rules.

WaveSTAR is intended to unlock the capability to accept alarm or message inputs from third party equipment and where necessary, it extracts the relevant data to enable the appropriate action or response to be determined. A wide range of data inputs are supported including UDP messages, TCP messages (binary and textual lines), HTTP messages and Serial port data.

WaveSTAR is able to support any device or system that is able to transmit an alert over the network if and when a specified incident or activity occurs.?

The applications supported by WaveSTAR include:

  • Access Control
  • Biometrics
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • EPOS
  • Facial Recognition
  • Fire Alarms
  • Industrial equipment monitoring
  • Instrumentation, e.g. temperature
  • Intruder alarms
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Object Tracking
  • Perimeter Protection

Retail Loss Prevention: An excellent example of where WaveSTAR can help facilitate interaction? between Wavestores VMS and third party systems is in the retail environment where there may be a need to integrate Wavestores VMS with an EPOS ip cctv system.

The solution achieved with WaveSTAR allows text from the EPOS devices, typically the data stream sent by a till to a printer, to be input to a Wavestore server for display alongside associated video images. The input can be by serial (RS232 or similar) or network (TCP or UDP) ports, and is processed by a script so that it is formatted for its specific use.

The report is line by line rather than till roll format, and the script allows reformatting if, for example, there is a requirement to duplicate cashier ID onto each line of the transaction for searching/reviewing purposes. Text searches may be made of the database of transactions. The video footage associated with transactions which may be of interest can be viewed via the WaveView client and is synchronised with the EPOS data.

The EPOS data can be retained for a specified period of time using standard Wavestore rules, although this will typically be the same number of days as the recorded video activity to which it refers.

Jefferson County Waterway monitors vessel traffic with Milestone Video Surveillance

Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) is at the center of operational overview for the authorities who handle the Sabine-Neches Waterway running 55 miles through Jefferson County, Texas, to the Gulf of Mexico. This area includes the number-one commercial and military out-load port in the United States and is the fourth largest port in terms of processed tonnage. They need to ensure the safety of those working and traveling through the port, and to keep traffic flowing for the commerce that relies on clear passage.

A vast traffic-monitoring network has been deployed here to ensure that all vessels (civilian, military and commercial) can safely navigate the waters with minimal interference such as collisions or other stoppage. The new surveillance system also monitors the many petroleum refineries that line the channel. Backed by a Verizon Wireless 4G connection, the county Hikvision IP Camera along the waterway are networked through Milestone XProtect Enterprise VMS for managing high definition video of live vessel movements and incident reporting from the archived footage.

Milestone truly is the best IP video open platform on the market. It integrates with all of the Hikvision Cameras seamlessly and provides the sheriffs department with more high definition images for significantly better views of the waterway than their previous system. We now have camera eyes located on an array of tall locations in challenging environments. Our solution design includes live mobile video on tablets and smartphones to dispatchers and personnel on watercraft, says Mark Nolan, Sales Engineer at systems integrator Knight ip cctv system.

Vessels range in size from small tugboats to huge tanker ships hauling hundreds of tons of oil and other commodities. When an incident is called in to port security, authorities must assess the situation and respond immediately. Milestone XProtect provides the user interface where reported incidents are checked in the video to determine if the port must close to resolve a situation or can continue operating. Closing the port for any amount of time is an expensive procedure, so having virtual eyes on the scene is imperative to optimal operations.

The previously installed system was very limited ? only viewable and navigable in one control station building. Knight Security Systems therefore designed and installed a Milestone XProtect Enterprise IP video surveillance solution managing AXIS Q1604 and Sony SNC-ER550 IP CCTV Security Camera, and more than eight terabytes of storage to provide 24 hours of archiving. With the Milestone Mobile client, the sheriffs department and port authorities now have instant access to video from anywhere.

The Milestone solution consolidates the 24-hour monitored cameras into one centrally managed solution, viewable by all administrators in their respective offices, in the main monitoring station and on mobile devices. With high-level national security implications, live Wireless Security Cameras views and the ability to quickly check recorded video is essential to the ports operational standards for efficiency. Every second between an incident report and confirmation of the validity of the report is crucial to the response process.

Protecting the Port

The only ways to access Jefferson County through the waterway is via Sabine Pass or two entry points on the Intracoastal Waterway. With an advanced communications system and screening process, no vessel is unaccounted for. The cameras give verification to confirm radio transmissions. The Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) at Port Arthur acts as the keepers of the gate aided by the Milestone video management solution, issuing advisories and minimizing blind spots.

If we pick up a radar blip thats not transmitting an identification signal, it is imperative to identify that blip before it enters the port, explains Michael Measells, Director of Vessel Traffic Service. The CCTV IP Camera can do what radar cant achieve ? put an eye on a vessel through the Milestone XProtect software, allowing us to know whats moving, from a marine safety and security standpoint. Thats the number-one mission.

Cameras line the river and port entrance, placed in strategic locations from the roofs of buildings to the top of the Verizon Wireless 4G towers. A Jefferson County Sheriff helicopter also hosts a mounted Infrared Light for Security Camera ready to be called into action at any time, whether its monitoring an incident or making rounds.

Weve adapted to the ease of application, connectivity and versatility of the Milestone interface very quickly ? its so easy to use, says John Moore, Electronics Materials Officer, United States Coast Guard. Milestone is always up and running, and it loads extremely fast on any mobile operating system. The versatility of our Milestone setup also allows us to remotely provide access to our Sector Command Center in Houston.

Incident Confirmation and Control

The port is a vital, active entity, responsible for millions of dollars in assets and manpower. If an incident is reported to the Sheriffs Department or Coast Guard, there are established procedures to follow before any response is made. Any event, whether a boating accident, cargo spill or personal injury, has the potential to shut down the channel for an extended length of time.

This is a high-traffic waterway and with a limited width, there are bound to be close calls and incidents, says Measells. Its good to have more eyes on each vessel.
When an incident is reported, officials must immediately confirm the report. Then the proper authorities are contacted and ground or water personnel deployed as needed. The sheriffs department jurisdiction covers the entire 55 miles of critical infrastructure.

If I get a report of an incident, Ill pull Milestone Mobile up on my tablet or phone to assess the situation, says Deputy Chief Mark Dubois, Jefferson County Sheriff. XProtect helps us respond quickly, allowing us to view video from any cameras immediately, from any location, any time, to confirm or deny an event.

We can move from evaluation of a report to initiating a response in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, Moore adds. Theres time and money there. Once we confirm, all responders mindsets are immediately shifted into response.