Sri Lankan president grants amnesty Custom Vikings Jersey to 526 inmates on Christmas Day

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena granted amnesty to 526 inmates Custom Vikings Jersey Monday on the occasion of the Christmas, an official said.

Prisons Commissioner H.M.T.N. Upuldeniya told Xinhua that these 526 inmates Personalized Minnesota Vikings Jersey  were in jail for minor offenses.

Upuldeniya said special religious celebrations were also organized within the premises of the prisons throughout the country to mark the Christmas.

Christians account for seven percent of Sri Lanka’s total population, mainly concentrated in the western coastal belt of the country.

Sri Lanka is in the habit of granting such pardons in respect of events of Minnesota Vikings national significance such as the New Year, the National Independence Day and the Buddhist festival Vesak.

The president has the constitutional power to grant full pardon to inmates or NFL Football commute their sentences.

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