New Smart Thermal Camera from SightLogix

SightLogix, the technology leader for smart thermal camera systems, is displaying the third generation of the company’s innovative SightSensor thermal camera here at ASIS 2014. The new SightSensor provides the most accurate security solution for outdoor applications while solving a fundamental economic challenge for the industry. At one-third the size and with reduced power consumption from prior generations, the new SightSensor avails solar and wireless capabilities that vastly reduce infrastructure requirements often needed for outdoor cctv camera security projects.
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“Our new SightSensor smart thermal camera is redefining the expectations for outdoor security by shifting the emphasis from surveillance to crime prevention,” said John Romanowich, SightLogix President and CEO. “This new third generation SightSensor builds on SightLogix’ heritage of outdoor detection accuracy, fulfilling a long-sought promise of using smart thermal Security Cameras as an outdoor burglar alarm.”

Outdoor security projects encompass many infrastructure expenses that typically dwarf the cost of security cameras themselves. These include plans and permits for construction and trenching, installing electrical and communication wiring to remote areas, and on-site provisioning. The result has been a significant capital investment each time an organization needs to secure a facility. The new SightSensor reduces costs in two ways: lower power consumption enables solar and wireless operation, and large coverage areas decrease the number of sensors needed when compared to any other smart CCTV IP Camera solution. The result is a significant reduction in installation costs, making SightSensors ideal for a broad range of mainstream applications.

With lens options that range from wide areas (90˚ FOV) to 600m distances, and a NEMA 4X, nitrogen-purged enclosure, SightSensor thermal cameras provide high Probability of Detect (PD) and a low Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR) day and night, in all weather conditions.

New features of the third generation SightLogix SightSensor thermal IP CCTV Security Camera include: four times the on-board video processing of previous generations; greatly reduced power consumption, size and weight; support for ONVIF, H.264; audio messages triggered in response to alarm conditions; simplified video cabling and connections; and a flexible browser-based configuration option.

Milestone Systems adds support for new breed of cameras

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in CCTV IP Camera video management software (VMS), has just released its bi-monthly Device Pack 7.8 for the XProtect® portfolio of products. The most significant feature in this upgrade is support for a new type of hybrid cameras combining a PTZ and a 360-degree camera.

An example of the new type of hybrid Security Cameras is the AXIS Q6000-E network camera. This camera offers a 360° overview provided by four 2-megapixel camera heads, and when integrated with AXIS Q60-E camera, it simultaneously offers high-detail optical zoom on areas of interest. 

Using XProtect clients, with just a single click operators can optically zoom in on details of interest with high precision while at the same time being able to maintain an overview of large areas of up to 20,000m² (215,000 sq. ft.) – about the size of four football fields.

The release of Device Pack 7.8 also marks that Milestone remains committed to supporting the broadest range of cameras and devices on the market – currently over 100 brands and more than 4,000 models. This means that more than 1,000 devices have been added in a year. This is the highest annual growth ever.

“The release of this device pack clearly shows the power of open platform technology. We are not only adding a brand new type of IP CCTV Security Camera, we have also added support for more than a thousand devices in a just a year,” says Christian Bohn, Milestone Systems VP Corporate Marketing & Alliances.  “This clearly shows our dedication to ensure that our customers and channel partners have the broadest and most comprehensive device support in the industry, now and going forward.”

Milestone XProtect Device Packs include optimized drivers that enable the relevant 
capabilities of a camera or other hardware device to be managed by XProtect software. Milestone works closely with the device manufacturers in the IP Camera Partner Program (CaPP) to achieve the optimal interaction between their devices and the XProtect VMS. This ensures the highest quality for a video surveillance solution, which is important for total system operability, efficiency and stability.

360 Vision launch new ‘Hybrid’ camera

CCTV IP Camera design and manufacturing company, 360 Vision Technology, has launched a new, patent pending, ‘Hybrid’ upgrade option for the company’s range of high-performance PREDATOR PTZ all-in-one cameras.

The optional ‘Hybrid’ upgrade provides both analogue and HD functionality for any PREDATOR Security Camera model. The deployment of 360 Vision’s future proof ‘patent pending’ Hybrid technology means that when a traditional surveillance installation moves to HD infrastructure, standard analogue 4:3 images (in HD Quality) can be replaced with Full HD 1080p widescreen images – at the flick of a switch and with no additional equipment required.

Currently available with infrared, white light, radar and built-in edge recording options, providing 128GB or 256GB of on-board storage space, now, the option to cater for HD cctv surveillance camera when required can be chose for any PREDATOR model.

Featuring ONVIF compliance or 360SDK protocols for fast set-up, and IP68 certification to ensure reliable performance in the harshest of environments, all PREDATOR cameras are British designed and manufactured, and carry a comprehensive 3-year warranty.

“The new Hybrid feature adds a further dimension to the comprehensive mix of existing options for the PREDATOR PTZ camera,” says Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision.

“Now, installers and end-users can confidently invest in the future, with our Hybrid ‘Patent pending’ technology, to capture widescreen Full High Definition imaging at the flick of a switch – without the need to change the camera unit when they upgrade an existing site to HD cable infrastructure. There is a lot of legacy analogue systems that are crying out for HD upgrades, but budgets often don’t allow both ip security camera and infrastructure changes – we have developed a HD solution that can utilise existing coax/twisted pair cabling to deliver a HD ready experience now, and a full HD solution later.”

Wifi enabled Body Worn Camera to be showcased at DSEI

Edesix, a global market leader in body worn camera (BWC) solutions, is to showcase its new WiFi enabled VideoBadge, the VB-300 Series, at DSEI (Defence & Security Equipment International), the world’s largest trade show for the security and defence sectors.

The VB-300 series is a body worn video IP Camera styled like an ID card holder. Its simple operation makes it extremely versatile and suitable for all types of users and applications. Key features of the VB-300 series include:

  • Wireless Security Cameras capability which allows streaming and uploading of video in real-time.
  • Extended battery life – the VB-340 can record for up to 14 hours of continuous video coverage, with up to 96 hours of battery capacity when on standby.
  • Extra wide angled lens, giving a 1300 horizontal field of view.

Complementing the VideoBadge is Edesix’s VideoManager; a slick, user-friendly and highly functional video management software suite. VideoManager is web-based, and suitable for handling, editing and sharing your captured footage. It comes fully equipped with state-of-the-art features, such as redaction, to prepare and share evidence-ready footage without extensive training or expensive resources. VideoManager is a secure platform, equipped with encryption keys to protect data upload and allow a comprehensive audit trail, as well as implementing sophisticated multi-level role-based access controls. This allows close monitoring of which users can view, edit, share or delete footage.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, UK and established in 2002, Edesix manufactures BWC’s for those in public facing roles, helping to improve safety, while producing compelling legal evidence when needed. Edesix currently supplies key markets across the globe, including the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, South America, China, the Middle East and Australasia. All hardware and software is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Edesix currently provides VideoBadges and VideoManager software to security and enforcement personnel, police forces, bailiffs, transport firms and emergency services/first responders.

“All the studies examining body worn video cameras show they make a real difference in protecting frontline staff and the public,” explains Richie McBride, CEO of Edesix.

“Body Worn Cameras help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour, and record unbiased evidential footage for criminal prosecution. There can be no doubt that Security Camera deter aggression and in many cases eliminate the need to activate a panic alarm or radio during an incident. When members of the public know they are being recorded, their behaviour tends to change to a more positive attitude. BWC’s also help staff feel safer and more protected.”

Axis introduces an outdoor network thermal camera

AXIS Q1941-E offers outstanding high contrast thermal images. It is the first thermal Security Camera that supports both Electronic Image Stabilisation, which helps reduce the effect of vibrations, and Axis’ Zipstream, which lowers bandwidth and storage requirements.

AXIS Q1941-E is the first thermal camera that supports both Electronic Image Stabilisation, and Axis’ Zipstream technology.

Axis Communications, the world leader in network video, today presents a strong addition to its Q-line of fixed thermal cameras, AXIS Q1941-E Thermal Network Camera. The affordable and bullet-style IP camera is designed for 24/7 detection in challenging conditions. The camera is outdoor-ready out-of-the-box, and is ideal for perimeter protection of facilities where early detection of an intrusion attempt is critical.

“We know that thermal cameras are not only reliable for round-the-clock detection, but they are also useful for verification, helping to distinguish between a nuisance and a real alarm. The new addition to AXIS Q19 Series supports a powerful processor, which is highly capable of running video analytics via the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP). This is appreciated by our ADP Partners whose applications are fully compatible with our IP cameras.” says Erik Frännlid, Axis’ Director of Product Management. “By boosting our AXIS Q19 Series, we believe that customers can find a tailored surveillance solution that works in all conditions”.

AXIS Q1941-E offers 384×288 thermal resolution and outstanding image contrast that gives reliable detection and quick verification. Thanks to a selection of five different lens alternatives (7 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm, 35 mm and 60 mm) that optimise detection performance, customers can be sure the camera will meet their requirements. In addition, the following capabilities make AXIS Q1941-E the flagship for AXIS Q19 Series:

• The camera can easily be integrated with other existing IP security equipment and with third party applications

• Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) provides smooth live viewing when the camera is mounted on instable places, where vibration can be perceived as an issue.

• With Axis’ Zipstream technology, areas with no motion are filtered out, the cctv surveillance camera just focuses on the parts of the image that are moving. This significantly reduces the bandwidth and storage required.

AXIS Q1941-E Thermal Network Camera is planned to be available in Q4 2015, through Axis’ distribution channels.

The Silent Sentinel Oculus camera oversees Britain’s motorways

P&D: protecting Britain’s highways
Specialists in electrical and civil engineering, P&D support the UK’s rail infrastructure, highways, power distribution, and major tunnel projects. Focussing on safety, great workmanship and delivering on its promise, there’s no margin for error; it has to be quality first time, on time.

Undertaking a significant project with AMG Systems to relieve congestion along the M1, M3, M60 and M62 highways, P&D needed to deliver a real-time overview of the 99 kilometre stretch of works, linking all images back to a 24/7 manned control room.

P&D faced challenges with its previous cctv surveillance camera supplier; the cameras weren’t reliable as the pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) kept wearing out. It meant the company was failing to deliver on its promise of quality and unable to provide images that were clear and actionable. Furthermore, a poor relationship meant the camera supplier was reluctant to honour warranties. P&D needed a new supplier it could trust.

Silent Sentinel: a trusted and respected partner
Choosing Silent Sentinel enabled P&D to create a partnership that worked well to deliver the best possible solution for its customers. Speaking of the partnership, P&D Managing Director, Pat Musgrave, commented:

“We have a great working relationship with Silent Sentinel, which is built on trust and respect. As a UK-based organisation, Silent Sentinel is able to respond quicker than our previous supplier to ensure any issues are resolved properly, and they genuinely care about working with us to deliver quality solutions first-time, on time.”

Oculus: a rugged PTZ camera with HD or SD video options
Initially, Silent Sentinel has deployed over 300 cameras:

  • M1: 78 cameras deployed between J15 and J19
  • M3: 109 camera deployed between J2 and J4a
  • M60/M62: 142 cameras over 35km stretch of road as part of Manchester ‘smart motorways scheme’.

However, the project is ongoing as more sections of highway are being added to help improve the flow of traffic on our roads and relieve rush hour congestion.

A compact, rugged, vandal-resistant unit that has been specifically designed for harsh and challenging environments, the Oculus is a high-speed continuous rotation PTZ camera that can provide analogue, HD-SDI and IP Camera video outputs.

Everything is integrated into a single unit, which is fully housed within a hard anodised aluminium casing. Toughened, optically correct glass provides clear images and can be kept clean at all times with its compact wiper. Plus, optical encoders for both the pan and tilt axis provide highly accurate positioning and repeatability, with a self-correction system that counteracts any external interference with the moving head.

Oculus in the spotlight:

  • SD video with 10x, 18x, 28x, 36x and 40x optical zoom options
  • HD video with 20x and 30x optical zoom options
  • Ruggedised for extreme environments
  • Day/night operation
  • Optical encoders for accurate positioning and repeatability
  • Optional heater for reliable operation down to -40°C
  • Flat, toughened glass window
  • Protected to IP67 (IP68 option)
  • 316L stainless steel option
  • Built-in camera lens wiper
  • Pre-sets, tours and privacy masking
  • Multiple control protocols

A robust, reliable, quality and cost-effective solution
Commenting on the project, Pat Musgrave said, “Silent Sentinel provided us with a better, more cost-effective solution, with longer warranties at a good price. Protecting the UK’s highways is crucial, with no margin for error, and Silent Sentinel helped deliver the quality needed to ensure the project was a success.

“In particular, image quality was vital to ensure the team working in the control room has clear, detailed visuals on what’s happening out on the highways. With 28x zoom, the Oculus provided this clarity with ease. Overall, a robust, reliable, quality and cost-effective solution.”

Silent Sentinel: vision & motion control
Silent Sentinel design and develop specialist cctv surveillance camera platforms, including long-range detection platforms and ancillary equipment. With over 30 years’ experience in camera design and manufacturing, surveillance technology, vision, detection, protection and security are in its DNA.

360 Vision Technology fields massive display of cameras at IFSEC

Supporting the security industry’s leading manufacturers and solutions providers, CCTV IP Camera design and manufacturing company, 360 Vision Technology, will be fielding a massive range of their high-performance surveillance cameras at IFSEC 2016.

To be found on five different IFSEC stands, 360 Vision’s high-performance Predator, Centurion, Black Hawk and Predator Stainless Steel PTZ cameras can all be seen at the exhibition. Being displayed in a variety of camera/control combinations, models on show include analogue, Infrared, HD, thermal and integrated IR & white CCTV ir illuminator – illustrating 360 Vision’s breadth of video surveillance imaging technology.

Visitors to the show can see the cameras in action at Wireless Security Cameras (stand no E375), IndigoVision (stand no E900), Ogier (stand no F800), Altron (stand no B710) and Geoquip (stand no F1500).

Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision says:

“We’re very pleased to be supporting our integrator, control manufacturer and technical solutions partners with a wide range of camera technology at IFSEC 2016. Showcasing 360 Vision camera technology, various specifications of our high-performance Predator, Centurion and Black Hawk camera range and integration within some of the industry’s leading technologies, reinforces the use of 360 Vision Technology cameras to obtain video imaging performance, reliability and benefits for any system application.”

Wael Tanoukhi appointed IDIS Technical Manager to support growth in Security Camera Area

IDIS has appointed Wael Tanoukhi to the position of Technical Manager to support its growing customer base on security cameras in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Based out of the IDIS MENA regional headquarters in Dubai, Wael will lead pre- and after sales technical support across the region. He will also oversee the IDIS training program for both installers and end-users as well as driving product-marketing initiatives across the region.

18 years experience

With a strong technical background, Wael brings with him over eighteen years’ experience of delivering tightly integrated security and ICT solutions, most recently at Weqaya Security Consulting L.L.C where he held the position of senior project manager. Wael has also held technical and commercial positions at Interconnected Security Systems following a six-year tenure with Genetec.

Commenting on his appointment Wael Tanoukhi, Technical Manager at IDIS MENA, noted: “This is an exciting time to join IDIS during a period of major global expansion and growth. I’m looking forward to putting my security and ICT skills to work in order to build upon the rapid success IDIS has had since launching the IDIS Total Solution in the region and opening its MENA headquarters in Dubai.”

Cost effective and flexible surveillance ip cctv system

“The IDIS Total Solution meets the surveillance needs of a wide range of businesses and its inherent flexibility, low total cost of ownership, reliability and quality are proving it to be a smart choice for organisations big or small. I look forward to working closely with our customers to ensure they maximise these and the many other benefits that IDIS technologies deliver.”

Harry Kwon, General Manager of IDIS MENA, added: “Opening our offices here in Dubai in January 2015 already yielded a number of new installation partners and saw us win some major end user customers including SEDAR and Majmaah University both utilising the IDIS Total Solution across multiple sites. I’m thrilled to welcome Wael on-board. His appointment ensures we will continue to provide first-class technical services at a local level, while supporting our continued growth in the region of  IP CCTV Security Camera.”

Speaking fluent Arabic, English and French, Wael holds a Master’s degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering and a degree in Computer Software Engineering both from the University of Ottawa, Canada.