Springfield Armory Saint Marches In

For the first time, an AR-15-style carbine is wearing iconic insignia of crossed cannons and flaming bomb. For some, the Saint may be a long-overdue addition to the company’s catalog of M1A rifles, holographic sight airsoft M1911-style pistols and the extensive XD line of polymer-framed handguns. Others may wonder why Springfield would bother to enter a market seemingly awash in M4-style semi-automatic rifles. To the former, I’d say better late than never. Having spent considerable time behind the trigger of AR-style rifles, both military and commercial models as a soldier and armed citizen, I’d contend that the Saint is smartly designed and priced to sell, making it a firearm worth waiting for. To the latter group, remember that even now, in the golden age of ARs, with more makes and models available to consumers than ever before, such rifles continue to sell at breakneck pace. The entrance of a major gun manufacturer into such a competitive and insatiable market is only good news for American consumers.

Still, one might wonder, why now? In speaking to Springfield Armory’s chief operating officer, Dennis Reese, I learned that building an AR-15 has been among his ambitions since the mid-1990s. But it was only in the past two or three years that the company got serious about making that ambition a reality. As for the crowded marketplace and the company’s belated entrance, Reese had this to say, “We at Springfield believe the AR-15 platform is not oversaturated in the market and will have a very bright future for decades to come. airsoft eotech Springfield is determined to be part of that future.” In talking about the new rifle and its future, he continued, “The Saint has such great modularity [and can be evolved] in so many ways,” emphasizing that the subject of this article is just the first product in what will likely be a full line. And like other Springfield products, consumers can expect the Saint and future offerings to exhibit high quality, offer real value and be ready to shoot right out of the box.

My next question for Springfield had to do with the new AR’s name, and company representatives had several explanations for the choice. Acknowledging that some may not understand the name, or may not agree with a religious term being applied to a firearm, Springfield contends that AR platforms, eotech replica for sale and other semi-automatic personal-defense rifles, have been unfairly characterized by politicians and the media as instruments of evil. However, we know that in the hands of law-abiding citizens, a gun’s true purpose is to protect and defend life, liberty and property. The name Saint, therefore, was chosen to evoke a sense of strength and safety, and to characterize the rifle as a tool that can be trusted and relied upon in the worst of times.

Whether or not the name has the desired impact, the Saint’s introduction has led to a noticeable change in Springfield Armory’s advertising strategy of late, a change that you have probably witnessed in these very pages. The slogan “Defend Your Legacy” is writ large, and much of the supporting images and online videos reflect the newest generation of gun owners and the growing population of female shooters—a group characterized as “youthful, eotech 553 clone for sale aspirational and unapologetic.” To learn more about the new focus, I spoke with Reese’s daughter, Stefany, the company’s social media coordinator, about legacy, and what it means to her. There are some obvious answers such as material wealth, contributions to an industry, or memories and wisdom passed down to family. But Reese and I agreed that for people of our generation—in their late 20s and early 30s—legacy is something yet to be built. Many of our peers are just hitting their stride professionally and may not be settled into any kind of traditional family life. It’s hard to think about legacy, let alone defend it, before you’ve really had a chance to establish one. We see our parents and grandparents, and the things they’ve done and the things they’ll leave behind, and we understand their legacy, indeed we are part of it. But for us, legacy is more about the promise of the future, and defending it means maintaining our freedom to build something worth passing on. Reese made a great point when she talked about women, particularly young women, who are adventurers, mothers, professionals and all-of-the-above, and how many are just starting to ask the question, “How will I defend myself?” And for those, the Saint is Springfield’s answer.

At first blush, the Saint is a handsome carbine, if not particularly distinct from other offerings in the AR-15/M4 category. It is a direct-gas, semi-automatic center-fire rifle chambered for 5.56×45 mm NATO (.223 Rem.). It operates on a mid-length gas system and feeds from an AR-style detachable-box magazine. eotech 556 clone To say this pattern has been followed before would be an understatement. Still, Springfield’s designers paid attention to the small details that matter and made good decisions with regard to the Saint’s construction and features, resulting in a carbine that is more than the sum of its parts.

At the heart of any rifle is its barrel. The Saint sports a 16″ chrome moly vanadium barrel in the A2- or Government-style contour, sans M203 cut, rifled with a 1:8″ right-hand twist and capped by a birdcage-style flash hider. It’s a handy and versatile design that provides the shortest possible overall length (non-SBR) and rifling that will stabilize a wide range of bullets from 55 to 77 grs. in weight. Rather than chrome lining the barrel to increase longevity, Springfield made the decision to use a nitriding process called Melonite, inside and out—chamber, bore and external surfaces—greatly improving the hardness and durability of treated metal surfaces without adding a layer of material as does chrome lining. In my opinion, this was a very savvy decision given Springfield’s experience and expertise with Melonite, which has been used for decades, and with great success, in the company’s XD line of pistols.

The author fired more than 2,000 rounds during his evaluation using a Trijicon MRO and flashlight for close-range work and an EOTech Vudu 1-6X 24 mm riflescope for 100-yd. accuracy tests.

Springfield’s design team also carefully considered reliability, longevity and recoil management when configuring the rifle’s operating system. A mid-length gas system was chosen because it can be paired with a short, 16″ barrel and still deliver reliable performance and less recoil than a comparable carbine-length arrangement. Gas is siphoned off the barrel at the forward-mounted gas block and channeled back into the gas key of the bolt carrier group to power the bolt’s unlocking and rearward motion. The Saint’s gas block and front sight post are combined in the familiar A2 configuration, including the bayonet lug and sling swivel. We can assume that this proven design was chosen for its utility and ease of manufacture.

The bolt carrier group itself is built on the M16 design and specifications, and is machined from Carpenter 158 steel. Heavier and more robust than AR-15-style groups, the mil-spec M16 bolt carrier group is renowned for its durability, and Springfield applied a dry lubricant to further enhance performance and longevity. Just behind the bolt carrier is the buffer and buffer spring. The assembly is designed to catch the bolt carrier group, arrest its rearward movement and force it forward again to pick up a fresh round before locking into battery. The buffer is critical to reliable cycling, and as the AR platform has been adapted—such as for new chamberings or use with suppressors—buffers of various weights have been introduced to help regulate a gun’s timing and optimize its performance. The Saint uses a heavy “H” tungsten buffer, which is not only a complementary choice to the gun’s 5.56 mm NATO chambering and mid-length gas system, it also pairs nicely with the heavy bolt carrier group, and the combined weight of those components is effective in dampening felt recoil.

The final primary component for the Saint’s firing sequence is the gun’s trigger group. The challenge here for Springfield’s designers, as set forth by Dennis Reese, was to design the best possible trigger system using the conventional G.I. single-stage trigger arrangement. The team’s solution was to enhance the G.I. trigger group by applying a nickel boron coating to all components and micro-polishing the engagement surfaces. The result is an exceptionally smooth trigger pull—especially for a production-grade AR—with no take-up or overtravel, and a relatively short reset, clearly denoted by tactile and audible cues, for fast follow-up shots. My testing has included three different Saint rifles, and each has had a trigger pull in the 5-lb., 8-oz., to 6-lb., 8-oz. range. The average of 10 trigger pulls for the primary test rifle yielded an average pull weight of 6 lbs., 1 oz.

Though much of the follows the well-established AR template, the new rifle does add one feature that, while not entirely new, has not been seen before in a production offering from a major manufacturer. Located behind the hammer and trigger assembly, and accessible from the bottom of the lower receiver when the pistol grip is removed, Springfield has incorporated a nylon-tipped tensioning screw that tightens the engagement between the upper and lower receivers. Dubbed the Accu-Tite system by Springfield, the screw can be raised with an 1/8″ Allen wrench to apply upward pressure on the upper receiver’s rear takedown pin lug, effectively eliminating the shake, rattle and roll common to mil-spec ARs. It can, in theory, also improve performance in the same way tight slide-to-frame fitting improves the accuracy of an M1911. However, it should be noted that over-tightening will make it difficult, or impossible, to remove the takedown pin by hand. I’ve found that after tightening the screw, hand tight, to snug up the receivers, a 1/4-turn back out results in a rattle-free Saint that can still be disassembled. Time will tell if the system is effective enough to warrant widespread acceptance, but it’s nice to see innovation and creative thinking within such a well-established category. Other controls are typical of the class, both in function and location: two-position radial safety (left-side only), magazine release, G.I.-style charging handle, forward assist and bolt catch/release.

Much like the gun’s internals, the Saint’s exterior components and appearance are familiar, but the assembly as a whole offers real utility and value. The receivers are both constructed with hard-coat anodized, aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum. The upper receiver features a flat top of Picatinny rail for the attachment of optics. The Saint also includes Springfield Armory’s flip-up, dual-aperture rear sight, which offers 1/2-m.o.a. windage adjustments, and pairs nicely with the F-height elevation-adjustable A2 front post. Like most AR makers, Springfield Armory manufactures some components and sources others, and the receivers fall into the latter category. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the Saint is entirely American-made, with parts coming from Springfield’s own Geneseo, Ill., factory, or other U.S. manufacturers. The receivers are made by a very well-regarded aerospace engineering and machining firm, and are built to Springfield’s specifications. While on the topic of the Saint’s manufacture, Springfield actually expanded its own facility to accommodate production of the new firearm and, one can assume, provide for future expansion of its capacity to manufacture components in-house.

One of the most distinguishing, and commonly replaced, components on any black rifle is its furniture. The term “furniture,” when referring to firearms, has undergone a bit of a transformation since the commercial AR came of age. In today’s AR lexicon, furniture refers to the buttstock, pistol grip and handguard. For the Saint, Springfield chose a single vendor for all three items, and one that AR buffs will be familiar with,

The buttstock and pistol grip both come from the line, and are molded from durable, lightweight polymer. A six-position design, the stock fits over the Saint’s mil-spec buffer tube and offers approximately 3.25″ of adjustment. I was impressed with how securely the buttstock locked into position; it exhibited none of the wiggle, shift or rotation commonly seen in adjustable AR stocks. A horizontal slot and bilateral QD ports are incorporated for the attachment of slings. Bravo’s BCMGunfighter Grip features a reduced angle compared to most competitive products—on par with an M1911 or XD pistol—as well as an internal storage compartment that is sealed by a hinged, water-resistant cap. Rifles in the AR-15 pattern have typically used pistol grips angled strongly to the rear, a design that is ergonomically appropriate for bladed-body shooting positions. In recent decades, however, the rise in use of individual body armor, and other considerations, have prompted military and law enforcement personnel to adopt more squared-up shooting stances, changing somewhat the AR’s manual of arms. The evolution, of course, has trickled down to civilian riflemen, so it’s nice to see that the Saint’s pistol grip was selected with ergonomics and modern shooting techniques in mind.

The Saint offers no surprises in terms of components or construction but, as a whole, is well-designed for reliability and longevity. For example, the M16-profile bolt carrier group (lower left) and other internals feature a dry lube to improve lubricity and reduce wear. As well, the Accu-Tite system (right) will allow users to eliminate play between the receivers.

Both the buttstock and the pistol grip were products previously available for aftermarket purchase. The handguard, on the other hand, is a new design that Bravo Company is calling the PKMR—Poly KeyMod Rail. The handguard is a two-piece arrangement with an integrated heat shield that makes use of the AR’s traditional spring-tensioned delta ring for attachment. Interestingly, the trim, textured fore-end utilizes KeyMod attachment ports for the addition of accessories and rails. This is the first time I’ve seen KeyMod used on a polymer handguard, but in examining the assembly and speaking with Paul Buffoni, president of Bravo Company Mfg., I learned that the key-hole-shaped attachment ports are reinforced with steel inserts to prevent wear or wobble. All told, 18 KeyMod ports are available and are evenly distributed across the handguard’s 2-, 6- and 10-o’clock faces.

For testing, I affixed a short rail section and a Surefire flashlight to the front of my evaluation rifle. So far, with my total round count somewhere around 2,000, I’ve experienced no issues with the arrangement, and can report that the rail and flashlight are still snug and secure. At writing, the BCM PKMR handguard is exclusive to Springfield Armory’s Saint, but the component should be available for purchase from Bravo Company in early 2017.

Having sent thousands of rounds downrange, and witnessed thousands more fired by other evaluators, I found the Saint to be one of the most reliable rifles I’ve ever shot. I used it at short range, long range, in the sand and sun of the Las Vegas desert and the heat and humidity of Virginia. Through it all, the Saint ran reliably and delivered accurate fire. Those familiar with ARs will appreciate the way the Accu-Tite system and BCM buttstock combine to make the platform, renowned for its modularity, rock solid and rattle free. Likewise, the light overall weight—6 lbs., 11 ozs.—paired with the recoil-attenuating heavy bolt and buffer, make for a rifle that is easy to carry and enjoyable to shoot. But perhaps the Saint’s most salient feature is its price; MSRP is less than $900. At that price, Springfield has delivered a rifle that is light, trim and well-equipped—a blend of classic M4 components and critical enhancements—and one heck of a bargain for those interested in an entry- or mid-level AR.

So, legacy defended? Considering its well-regarded M1911 pistols, its class-leading M1As and the ever-evolving XD line, Springfield Armory’s reputation as a premier American gunmaker was never in danger. But in terms of offering a product that new gun owners and veteran shooters can all appreciate, the company has done a good job.

The AR-15 has long been regarded as one of the easiest rifles to learn and use effectively—it’s lightweight, light on recoil and can be very accurate. These are some of the reasons it’s been a staple for more than 50 years, and the same qualifications make it extremely well-suited for use by armed citizens of all ages, sizes and genders. The new Saint is a well-designed rendition of the trusted platform, being built by a respected manufacturer. So for those wondering, perhaps for the first time, “How will I defend myself?” has your answer.

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Peruvian mangos and blueberries have arrived in China on the maiden
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The cargo flight is a symbolic achievement for bilateral trade as well as the broader strategic partnership between China and Peru.

The China Eastern Airlines flight took off while President Xi Jinping was in Lima,
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President Xi Jinping and Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski spoke about
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Mangos and blueberries are among the first batch of the agricultural products to
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The logistics arm of China Eastern Airlines created an efficient system to import fresh products from North America and South America. To date, its annual chartered cargo flights have increased from two in 2013 to 70, and increased the
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Before the launch of the direct flight, all major cargo flights from South America to Asia had to stop in the United States.

Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines is the world’s seventh largest carrier. Its
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New company to reform, Customized Buffalo Bills Jersey run domestic league

Retired NBA basketball star Yao Ming has shifted his focus to reforming the game at home after a new company was established based on his proposal to run the
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The Chinese Basketball Association, together with 20 top-tier clubs, announced on Tuesday the establishment of CBA League (Beijing) Sports Co.

Its task will be to reform the administration of the domestic league through more professional approaches in commercial and athletic operations.Youth Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey.

As owner of his hometown club, the Shanghai Sharks, Yao has been an advocate of such reform since he retired in 2011.

Citing the example of the NBA, which is jointly owned by team investors and
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“I feel a lot of pressure. It’s like sending your child into society to let him survive on his own after nursing him for 20 years. It’s a must-do process, though,” said Yao, who was elected by 20 club shareholders as vice-chairman of the company.
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Li Jinsheng, deputy head of the CBA, was named chairman of the company.

The association, through a wholly owned subsidiary, will control a 30 percent
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The CBA used to control major aspects of the league, including broadcasting negotiation, sponsorship deals and youth cultivation.Women’s Nike Buffalo Bills Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform.

The association will first relinquish the commercial rights of the league to the
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“We will be hands-off to let the company run the league independently, as long as the trial period goes smoothly,” Li said on Tuesday.

The priorities of the company are to formalize its organizational structure and management system as well as to hire executive staff, Li said.

Zhang Qing of sports marketing consultancy Key-Solution said, “It’s a major advance in professional sports in China, since an independent company will represent the genuine interests of league clubs from the business standpoint.”Men’s Nike Personalized Buffalo Bills Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Football Jersey.

Customized Buffalo Bills Jersey The Startup Inside the Nonprofit: Where Tech Gives Back

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say Silicon Valley or Tech Worker? Is it commuter shuttles crowding your streets, increasing rents, or long-lines at food trucks? What you may not see is the many tech workers from
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that need them most.

To make that possible, a nonprofit in San Francisco, flexing their own innovation muscle, has harnessed a technology platform to make these connections easier and scaled across the country. Pacific Community Ventures (PCV) was started by two former Silicon Valley executives who saw the resources being made available to venture-backed tech startups (access to working capital, expert business advice, and extensive networks) and applied that same framework to
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Harnessing lean and scrum methodologies, in the office you are likely to see burn-up charts, the creation of MVPs, and near constant iteration. With online tools like goal setting features, on-demand meeting scheduling, Google Hangouts integration, and with high-touch customer engagement BusinessAdvising.org is changing the way business owners get advice.

Kassin Adelman, the owner of IDF Studio, shared her experience with advisor Dave Talach, Head of Payments at Square, “Dave’s helping me structurally realign my business, get through key employee challenges, and fine-tune our
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In the last two years, BusinessAdvising.org has scaled from a California-only program, to now having businesses enrolled in 45 states and advisors from 35 states. In the first six months of 2016, they experienced 100% growth in the number of small businesses being served.

What’s The Secret?

With active board members from tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Shotspotter, PCV is able to tap into the Silicon Valley knowledge and talent base. Employees from tech firms have been enrolling as skills-based pro bono advisors to help disadvantaged business owners and their employees achieve their dreams, while the volunteers also get to network with other advisors. For example, BusinessAdvising.org has a curated private LinkedIn group that only volunteer advisors have access to, and is starting to host exclusive volunteer
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Small businesses seeking a mentor have a good chance to get paired with an advisor from Box, Apple, VMWare, Postmates, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, Square, Cisco, Warby Parker, Google, Facebook, VentureBeat, Capital One, several venture capital firms and more. BusinessAdvising.org is quickly becoming the Men’s Nike Personalized Buffalo Bills Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Football Jersey place the tech industry donates their time.

U.S., Customized Buffalo Bills Jersey Denver sheriff settle immigration-related claim

The U.S. Justice Department and the Denver Sheriff Department on Monday resolved claims that the law enforcement agency had discriminated against
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A Justice Department probe had found that from the start of 2015 through March 23, 2016, the Denver Sheriff Department had required applicants for deputy sheriff jobs to be U.S. citizens and posted job openings with citizenship Customized Men’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Elite Orange and Black Fadeaway Fashion Jersey requirements, the federal agency said in a statement.

The Denver Sheriff Department, the biggest sheriff’s office in Colorado, had no
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The law says that employers cannot limit jobs to U.S. citizens unless they are required to do so by law, executive order, government contract or regulation.

Under the settlement, the Denver Sheriff Department will pay $10,000 in civil penalties. It also will identify and consider applicants who may have been
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The department will train its human resources staff on the Immigration and Nationality Act’s anti-discrimination provisions and will review its policies to
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Custom Bills Jersey comply with those provisions.

The Denver Sheriff Department had no immediate comment on the settlement.

Containing losses, Customized Buffalo Bills Jersey sailing together

Trade woes are pushing container shipping firms into new alliances, reshaping
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As global trade flows shrank over the last five years, red ink blotted container shipping lines’ financial results, pushing them into alliances that are reshaping the market, creating new buzz phrases like resource integration, big size,
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Hanjin Shipping Co, South Korea’s largest ocean shipping company by fleet size, launched bankruptcy proceedings following years of losses in September. This has rocked the global trading system, which includes foreign governments.
Custom Bengals Jersey Creditors seized ships, ports refused to handle Hanjin-linked cargo.Women’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.

“Container shipping firms’ alliances have become critical as the global shipping industry has been confronted with both cumbersome overcapacity and volume slowdowns,” said Wang Haimin, managing director of COSCO Shipping Lines Co Ltd, the container unit of China COSCO Shipping Corp Ltd, a State-owned enterprise and the country’s biggest shipping company by fleet size.

Despite the current good demand globally, Wang said the container shipping sector may continue to suffer in the short term as freight rates have dropped quickly in recent years, prompting a wave of consolidation in the container industry.

“Under an alliance or partnership, members can share port calls, networks and
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Ocean Alliance, formed by mainland’s China COSCO Shipping, France’s CMA CGM SA, Taiwan-based Evergreen Line and Hong Kong’s Orient Overseas Container Line, announced earlier this month that they will deploy 350 container vessels to the global market to further challenge 2M and the Alliance.

With a total carrying capacity of 3.5 million twenty-foot equivalent units or TEUs, Ocean Alliance will be able to provide a service coverage on a number of trade lanes including 20 trans-Pacific and six Asia-Europe shipping services.Men’s Nike Personalized Buffalo Bills Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Football Jersey.

For its part, 2M, formed by Denmark’s Maersk Line and Switzerland’s Mediterranean Shipping Co SA, started its operations in 2015, and controls more than 2.1 million TEUs, and manages more than 200 vessels.

With each firm staring at financial losses due to overcapacity, three major Japanese container shipping lines said they plan to merge their shipping and overseas terminal operations.

Mitsui OSK Lines, Nippon Yusen KK and K Line plan to form a joint venture to
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Following the move by Ocean Alliance, another partnership, simply called the “Alliance”, comprising firms in Europe and Asia, came into being on Nov 8. It has industry majors such as NYK Lines, Mitsui OSK Lines, Hapag-Lloyd AG, United Arab Shipping Co, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd and Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. The Alliance will launch joint operations from April.

Under the plan, the six shipping companies will offer 31 services on the main East-West trade lanes using their 240 ships, covering more than 75 ports.
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With multiple alliances in place, the industry’s focus is now on service quality and schedule reliability, said Lee Mong-jye, president of Evergreen Marine Corp (Taiwan) Ltd, a member of the Ocean Alliance.

Custom Steelers Jersey What to watch for in ‘TNF’: Saints-Panthers

What promised to be one of the best divisions in football has turned into a swampy mess after three of the four teams fell to their Week 10 opponents. To
Custom Steelers Jersey make matters worse, the Saints and Panthers, who suffered the two more devastating of the three losses, have little time to recover before they put their seasons on the line on Thursday Night Football.Men’s Nike Custom Made Dallas Cowboys Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Football Jersey.

The Saints will fly into Charlotte on the heels of one of the more unique losses of the 2016 season, losing at home to the defending Super Bowl champions on a
Custom Cowboys Jersey blocked PAT-turned-defensive two-point conversion — we need a catchier name for whatever that was, pronto. Now briefly back under .500, New Orleans needs to regain the momentum it built on the offensive side of the ball and sweep Carolina to stay in the playoff hunt in the crowded NFC.

For the defending NFC champion Panthers, last Sunday was just another disappointing defeat. Having dominated the shorthanded Chiefs for three quarters, Carolina self-destructed on offense, surrendering two turnovers in its own territory in the fourth quarter and losing a home game in which it had a 17-0 lead. If last week’s loss wasn’t the Panthers’ death knell, a second consecutive
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Here’s what to watch for when the 4-5 Saints take on the division rival 3-6 Panthers on Thursday Night Football:

1. Like clockwork, the Saints’ passing game is once again wreaking havoc on secondaries. New Orleans’ reliance on the arm of Drew Brees is nothing new, but the healthy bevy of young weapons he has at his disposal is. In Brandin Cooks,
Customized Dallas Cowboys Jersey Willie Snead and Michael Thomas, the Saints boast their most impressive receiving trio since their Super Bowl-winning season. All three wideouts are averaging at least 65 yards per game and have combined for 15 touchdown receptions. Cooks particularly proved his big-play mettle last week against Denver’s Pro Bowl secondary, snagging an improbable touchdown grab between three Broncos defenders; he also burned Carolina’s defense for 173 yards during their first meeting in the Superdome. The corner-poor Panthers will try to divert more attention to Cooks, but they’ll be playing right into New Orleans’ hand. There is no win-win-win gameplan to covering the
Men’s Nike Customized New England Patriots Elite Throwback Red Alternate Football Jersey Saints’ triad of terror, which makes their offense all the more fun to watch.

2. Cam Newton may never regain last season’s MVP form in this half-finished campaign, but at least he’s directing his offense with a familiar confidence and composure. Facing three elite defenses following Carolina’s bye, Newton has led commanding drives and gobbled up time of possession. Nowhere was this more clear than in the third quarter of last week’s loss to the Chiefs when Newton led a 20-play, 10-minute drive into Chiefs territory. Cam was personally responsible for converting all five of Carolina’s third downs before the drive stalled thanks to penalties and sacks and the Panthers punted from K.C.’s 40. If Cam and the Panthers can extend drives and grind down a lukewarm Saints defense on a short week, then Carolina should see more opportunities to hit big plays and less time for New Orleans to counter-strike.

3. One man standing in the way of Cam’s master plan to deteriorate New Orleans’ D-line is Cameron Jordan. The sixth-year defensive end played with his hair on fire against the Broncos, contributing one of the Saints’ six sacks of Trevor Siemian and recording eight tackles. NFL’s own Gregg Rosenthal went as far to
Youth Nike Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Away White NFL Jersey for Sale say that Jordan’s work against Denver was a “masterpiece.” The resurgence of Jordan and the Saints’ front seven could also be attributed to the debut of rookie defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins, who recorded his first sack of his career last week after missing the season’s first eight games on IR, and emerging linebacker Craig Robertson. If New Orleans can get pressure on Cam and unnerve him, as opponents have done often against the MVP, then this game will look a lot different than the Week 6 barnburner in which just two sacks were recorded and 406 yards were relented.

4. If any Panther is looking to break out statistically on a short week, it should be Greg Olsen. Cam’s go-to man is the league’s top receiving tight end (50 rec, 712 yards, 3 TD) and split New Orleans’ pass coverage down the middle with a 94-yard showing in Week 6. That outing was the best by a single tight end against the Saints all season — San Francisco’s Vance McDonald and Garrett Celek combined for 160 yards in Week 8. By all metrics, Olsen had an off-game against Kansas City and should see more targets against an opponent he has already savaged.

5. The following isn’t coach-speak, I swear. These teams can’t afford to beat themselves. Both New Orleans and Carolina threw away sure-fire, season-changing wins last week, thanks to ill-timed turnovers. For the Saints, it was the young Michael Thomas fumbling twice in his own territory, gifting the Broncos a
Custom Patriots Jersey decisive 10 points. In Carolina, Cam’s backfooted interception, which was subsequently taken back to the house by Eric Berry, and Kelvin Benjamin’s lax ball-handling in the game’s dying embers quickly turned the tables on an otherwise dominant afternoon. The Panthers have committed more than one turnover in six of their nine games — five of which were losses; the Saints have lost three of the four games in which they gave the ball away at least twice. Again, something’s gotta give between these desperate division rivals.
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Custom Steelers Jersey Huawei targets top-end market with its Mate 9

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd aims to regain its top position in China with its latest flagship smartphone Mate 9 series, after it lost ground to domestic rival Oppo
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The Shenzhen-based firm launched the new handsets in its home market on Monday, marking its latest effort to grab a bigger share of the high-end segment,
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The Mate 9 Pro, the high-end version first unveiled in China, starts from 4,699 yuan ($686). It comes with a 2K curved screen and a dual rear camera, developed with the German optics company Leica. The limited version designed by luxury-car maker Porsche AG is priced at 8,999 yuan in China, far less expensive than its
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Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, said the Mate 9 series phones are designed to target business consumers who need to do multitasking on smartphones.

In the third quarter, Oppo overtook Huawei as the biggest smartphone vendor in China for the first time, with a market share of 18 percent and a quarterly handset shipment of 22.5 million units. In the same time frame, the Huawei market share was 15 percent with 18 million units shipped, according to data
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Oppo’s rapid rise dovetails with its strength in offline retailing channels, which
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“But in the fourth quarter, e-commerce sales will be of high importance, because the Singles Day shopping spree, the world’s largest online shopping festival, falls during the period. Huawei, which has a sub-brand Honor targeting the online population, will have a big advantage,” she added.

The new product launch also came after Samsung recalled its newly launched Galaxy Note 7 in October to prevent further battery explosions.

James Yan, research director at Counterpoint Technology Market Research, was optimistic about the Mate 9’s performance in China, where Huawei has
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“The monthly shipments of the Mate 9 are likely to reach 700,000 to 800,000 units,
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But, it is difficult to say whether Huawei can regain the crown. After all, the next months will see the fiercest competition among China’s top three smartphone vendors, namely Oppo, Huawei and vivo Mobile Communication Technology Co
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Jeff Petry Jersey Bryan Bickell thanks players, fans for support

Carolina Hurricanes forward Bryan Bickell, who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, on Friday tweeted his appreciation for the support he’s
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“It’s all new [to me and] my family but seeing all the support from [you] guys makes it easier for us,” Bickell wrote.

Bickell, 30, was acquired by the Hurricanes in a trade with the Chicago Blackhawks on June 15. He has one goal in seven games this season and hopes to play again.

“Since the 2015 playoffs, I’ve been struggling to understand what was going on with my body,” Bickell said Friday in a statement released by the Hurricanes.
Alexei Emelin Jersey “Again during the past few weeks, it felt like something wasn’t right. Obviously this is a bit of shock for my family and me, but I am hopeful I will be able to return to the ice and continue playing the game that I
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Hurricanes coach Bill Peters said Bickell, who met with Carolina officials and teammates on Saturday, would be missed on the ice and in the locker room.

“Great guy, high character guy,” Peters said prior to the game against the Washington Capitals. “Everyone enjoys being around [Bickell]. He has a great
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Bickell won the Stanley Cup three times with the Blackhawks (2010, 2013, 2015) playing for coach Joel Quenneville.

“Tough news today on [Bickell],” Quenneville said Friday. “He’s a special guy. It’s
Andrew Shaw Jersey tough to hear something like that. We’re thinking about him and our thoughts and prayers are with him. He has a tough road ahead of him, but we’re thinking of [Bickell] as he was special for us, and instrumental in us having a lot of success here. We wish him well.”

Former Minnesota Wild goaltender Josh Harding was diagnosed with multiple
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Jeff Petry Jersey Germany to increase security, espionage, aid spending

Germany plans to spend more on security, espionage and foreign aid, lawmakers said Friday.

The draft budget is a response to growing security threats and the influx of
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Part of the money will be used to create 4,300 new positions at Germany’s police and security forces by 2020, the news agency dpa said.

The Welt daily reported that members of Parliament’s budget committee also
Alexei Emelin Jersey agreed to double planned staffing for a new agency designed
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An additional 1.1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) will be spent next year on humanitarian aid and programs designed to combat the causes of migration. The
Andrew Shaw Jersey sum is dwarfed by the 22 billion euros that Germany expects to spend supporting hundreds of thousands of people who claimed asylum in the country over the past year. Many fled hardship and wars in Syria, Afghanistan
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The budget committee agreed to inject an additional 40 million euros into a program designed to help people whose asylum requests have been turned down.

Separately, German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported Friday that the
Brendan Gallagher Jersey country’s BND spy agency is to receive its own dedicated satellite.

Until now the agency has relied on satellite imagery taken by the German army
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