From Passive to Active Video Surveillance – With the Intelligent Cameras From RIVA®

Worldwide traffic increases constantly. Traffic jams, accidents, lack of parking spaces and environmental damages are the consequences. RIVA IP cameras with special analytic filters help to improve this traffic situation.

At busy crossroads in Serbia, RIVA IP CCTV Security Camera with onboard video analytics are already used for adaptive traffic control. For that, traffic light systems are adjusted to the actual traffic demand to significantly improve traffic flows especially during rush hours. Thereby, not only the environmental impact is reduced, also time of all road users is saved and fuel costs as well as the number of road accidents decrease. Only the VCA Presence module, which is already integrated in all RIVA devices as a standard feature at no extra costs, and the dwell filter are necessary. VCA Presence includes a tamper protection (bagging, de-focusing, moving) and the motion detection. Thus, an alarm is triggered if an object appears in a predefined detection zone. Up to 40 different zones per image can be set. More information how RIVA Hikvision IP Camera support adaptive traffic control and which advantages result from this, is explained in the RIVA case study (

Another often used filter is the speed filter. Therewith, speeds of vehicles can be checked.

Furthermore, cctv surveillance camera with integrated video analytics can be used to collect data about the daily traffic. For that, the filter for vehicle counting is primarily used. It detects and counts vehicles without any problems also in dense traffic. Furthermore, it supports collecting traffic flow data for statistics. The obtained data can for example support town planning or determining speed limits. Also relationships and dependencies of traffic flows with other factors like weather, holidays or special events can be analyzed.

RIVAs RC6602HD and RC6702HD-6211 bullet cameras as well as RIVAs RC1202HD-6241 box camera are the best solution to continuously monitor traffic flows. RIVAs RC6602HD-5311 with remote/zoom control is ideally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Equipped with 34x IR airsoft holographic sights, the camera provides excellent images also in low light scenes. The IR range is about 25 meters. Not only VCA Presence, but also VCA Detect is included in the camera. This module includes the classification, direction and dwell filters.

RIVAs RC6702HD-6211 mini-bullet camera is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor as well as day and night usage. eotech replica for sale The new RIVA camera comes with 12 built-in high power IR LED’s and an illumination distance up to 20m. Furthermore the RC6702HD has a variable focal lens of 3-9mm.

RIVAs RC1202HD-6241 is equipped with a SONY EXMOR 1/2.9” 1080p CMOS-Sensor that features a mechanical IR cut filter and is also ideally suited for the day and night usage.
In the fifth part of the RIVA video analytic special, smps for cctv camera you will learn which video analytic packages are offered by RIVA and for which applications these packages are ideally suitable.

360 Vision HD cameras powered by Sony STARVIS™

At the forefront of surveillance imaging development and performance, leading UK CCTV design and manufacturing company, 360 Vision Technology, is proud to announce that it is now employing the latest high-performance Sony STARVIS™ 1080P HD camera module across its entire range of HD cctv surveillance camera.

Featuring the latest generation of imaging sensors specifically designed for dahua security camera applications by the world’s leading electronic component manufacturer, the new Sony camera module includes STARVIS™ CMOS image sensors with back-illuminated pixel technology.

360 Vision Technology is one of only a handful of partners selected by Sony worldwide to use the latest Sony STARVIS™ technology – securing sufficient stock to supply customers throughout 2016 (despite a natural disaster affecting Sony’s factory output).

The latest Sony STARVIS™ Security Cameras module includes Auto ICR, Spherical Privacy Zone Masking, and Defog – to provide the ultimate in scene detail, colour rendition and ultra low-light performance.

A built-in image stabilizer function counters the effect of blurred, shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration. This is designed to ensure quality images in outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications – particularly if the IP CCTV Camera is used on a mounting pole or bridge where it may be subjected to wind or mechanical vibration.

The IP CCTV Security Camera module’s state-of-the-art optical/digital zoom is combined to enhance picture quality – while maintaining the original horizontal angle of view. This technology ensures no compromise in image size, and reduces blurring. Sony STARVIS™ features a sensitivity of 2000 mV, or more per 1 µm2 (colour product, when imaging with a 706 cd/m2 light source, F5.6 in 1 s accumulation equivalent).

Mark Rees, Business Development Director of 360 Vision explains:

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by Sony as a trusted technical partner for such leading-edge technology. We are always looking to capitalise on a technical advantage to ensure our products offer the best possible performance and value. With our Sony STARVIS™ partnership, airsoft holographic sight 360 Vision customers can be assured that specifying our cameras for any 24/7 surveillance applications will yield the best possible image quality.”

Avigilon reports strong Q2 success as worldwide sales increase

Avigilon has announced a 61 per cent increase in revenue for the second quarter of 2013 compared to the same period the previous year.

The high-definition ip cctv system provider has reported its financial results for the three months ending June 30 2013.

Revenue in the second quarter was C$39.92 million, up 61 per cent or C$14.8 million year-on-year. airsoft holographic sight Avigilon cited a “strong rise” in product sales worldwide, penetration of new markets and sales of new products as key factors behind the increase in revenue.

Gross margin was 53 per cent, up from 48 per cent a year earlier, while earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) was C$5.4 million in Q2 2013, an increase of 159 per cent compared to C$ 2.1 million in the second quarter of 2012.

The year-on-year improvement in EBITDA reflected the company’s increased revenue and improved gross margin, according to Avigilon, along with “lower than expected personnel expenses in certain areas” due to delays in planned hiring during the quarter.

Alexander Fernandes, president and CEO at Avigilon, claimed the success in the second quarter was testament to the company’s growth strategies and a “rapid rise in demand” for high-definition cctv surveillance camera systems.

He said: “We continue to expand our sales and product development teams aggressively and invest in marketing to increase brand awareness – efforts we believe will allow us to maximise revenue growth and long-term profitability.”

“Innovation is a hallmark of Avigilon, and in the second quarter we built on our track record with the introduction of the world’s smallest HD dome Security Cameras and the release of our Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 5.0 software,” added Fernandes.

“We also acquired RedCloud Securit., which has developed highly innovative web-based, physical and virtual access control systems. This acquisition provides complementary technology and an entry point to the growing access control market.”

Reverse vandalism CCTV footage seen by millions ‘a very powerful image’

Last month in Boston, Lincolnshire, the myth surrounding the idea that CCTV is used only as a deterrent to stop crime was well and truly exploded.  On prime-time television, viewers around the globe witnessed a group of youths bending a previously vandalised bike-rack back into position, with CCTV images broadcasting the whole incident with crystal-clear quality.

Unknown to revellers and onlookers alike was the fact that impressive quality CCTV images were being transmitted wirelessly back to the town’s security control room using equipment supplied by specialist outdoor wireless airsoft holographic sight company, Wavesight. Operators at the new control room can clearly be seen zooming in on the youths and watching them as they carefully bend the bike rack into position.

In July, facilities management and security company, OCS, updated the Boston Wireless IP CCTV Camera system to future-proof it for years to come.  Removing the old analogue cameras and leased fibre lines, they utilised Wavesight’s transmission products and expertise to provide a wireless solution using the latest in IP cameras supplied by Panasonic.

Steve Pittom, MD for Wavesight, said: This is a very powerful image for us. It clearly shows the quality of the images that can be transmitted wirelessly in real-time. It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words, and this was never so true as when the cctv surveillance camera operators in Boston witnessed the un-vandalising of a piece of street furniture.  For it to make headline news, due not only to the nature of what was happening, but also on account of the quality of the images broadcasting this impressive DIY repair job to the masses, is a testimony to our skills in ensuring that wireless CCTV IP Camera technology really works and provides an excellent solution that meets client needs.

The footage, which has already received over 2 million views from around the world and was also aired on BBC and ITV evening news. See the video below:

Samsung introduce world’s first 2MP Full HD 32 x PTZ dome

Samsung Techwin has further strengthened its formidable family of open platform WiseNetIII Security Cameras and domes with the launch of the SNP-6320, the World’s first 2MP Full HD 32 x optical zoom PTZ speed dome.

In addition to its powerful 32 x optical zoom, the ONVIF compliant SNP-6320 is also equipped with a 16 x digital zoom making it an ideal IP network based video surveillance solution for airports, ports, car parks, industrial estates and retail parks, as well as a wide range of other environments where high performance PTZ functionality is required

“The SNP-6320, together with the vandal-resistant and weatherproof SNP-6320H, which  incorporates a heater that is powered by PoE+ to allow it to operate in extreme weather conditions, represent a significant addition to our extensive range of open platform WiseNetIII 1.3, 2 and 3 megapixel IP CCTV Security Camera and fixed domes,” said Tim Biddulph, Product Manager for the Security Solution division of Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “Collectively they are enabling Samsung Techwin to change the way you work with IP. One of the key reasons for this is the open platform capabilities of the WiseNetIII DSP chipset which provides users with complete freedom to choose their perfect combination of video analytics and video management software (VMS) to best match their individual requirements.”

The enhanced Wide Dynamic Range built into the WiseNetIII DSP chipset, with performance greater than 120dB,can accurately produce images in scenes that simultaneously contain very bright and very dark areas. The SNP-6320 and SNP-6320H’s other key features include Defog which can improve the clarity of images captured in poor weather conditions such as rain, smoke or fog and Digital Image Stabilization, which negates the effects of vibration. Both are specifically important in the perimeter protection environments such as ports and airports.  The models also feature bi-directional audio that allows them to be interfaced with local PA systems. All of these features have been designed to save installation time and cost.

The SNP-6320H and SNP-6320 can capture high quality colour images when the lighting level is as low as 0.03 Lux and have an ultra fast frame rate of 60fps at 1080p allowing the domes to send multiple streams at multiple frame rates and resolutions, depending on the receiving device, e.g. recorder, viewing software or mobile app. This can be particularly beneficial at sites where different stakeholders are involved.Samsung’s WiseNetIII utilisation of  bandwidth friendly H.264 compression improves the network control latency of the domes, making the manually tracking of objects simple and straightforward.

A built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slot provides the opportunity for authorised users to remotely access and download video that has been recorded onto a memory card.

The new models are also equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) which can assist in the detection of activityby various means, such as face detection, tripwire and enter/exit direction, object appear/disappear and ‘tampering’,which creates an alert if paint is sprayed on a camera lens or there is unauthorised movement of a Hikvision IP Camera away from its usual field of view.

As is the case with all Samsung Techwin video cctv surveillance camera solutions, the SNP-6320H and SNP-6320 are offered with full support services from Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd, including free system design, free technical support and a full three-year warranty.

IDIS and 4Sight Imaging unveil number plate recognition

IDIS and 4Sight Imaging unveil number plate recognition

IDIS, a global surveillance solution provider, and 4Sight Imaging, a leading imaging technology company, have announced the successful integration of DirectIP™ with Veracity, a powerful and intuitive Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software engine.

Proving ten times more accurate in independent comparative testing, the IDIS and 4Sight solution combines leading image analysis technologies with next generation DirectIP™ HD Hikvision IP Camera, leveraging the latest system architectures and advances in solid state lighting to allow a wide, multi-lane field of view that is accurate across a wide range of weather, lighting and plate conditions.

The ground breaking solution eliminates the challenges traditionally associated with ANPR systems, by removing complicated set up, configuration and constant maintenance and system adjustments made possible through both companies’ patented plug-and-play technology. The result translates to low system configuration and simple, fast deployment that delivers benefits in terms of affordability and a continued low cost of ownership.
Showcasing the solution at ISC West 2015, installers and ip cctv system integrators saw how they can now offer customers a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and affordable ANPR solution featuring:

  • Industry leading accuracy across a wide range of weather and operating conditions
  • High performance, reliability and image quality combined with ease of installation and operation
  • International plate recognition

Future proof technology that inherently leverages new developments in camera hardware, system architectures and processing power.
Commenting, Brian Song, Managing Director of IDIS Europe, noted, “There is natural synergy between IDIS and 4Sight Imaging with both organisations committed to delivering high performance technology combined with plug-and-play simplicity that offers ease of installation and operation and a low cost of ownership. We can now offer exactly that in terms of an ANPR solution following the successful integration of DirectIP™ and Veracity.”
Brook Jackson, Managing Director at 4Sight Imaging, added, “ISC West proved to be the perfect platform to showcase the new DirectIP™ and Veracity integration.

The audience was impressed in terms of the wide field of view, image quality and high performance accuracy across a wide range of operating conditions. The complexities previously associated with plate recognition have until now restricted installers and system integrators from maximising opportunities from ANPR, having eliminated these the Veracity solution allows our partners to grow, protects their margins and at the same time ensures end user satisfaction. One major car parking organisation in the United Kingdom has already seen significant return on investment through improved accuracy since rolling out across their national estate.”
Used by a wide range of global customers across cctv surveillance camera, car parking operations and access control, the Veracity and DirectIP™ solution delivers a

variety of tangible benefits including:

  • Enhanced safety and security
  • A low cost of ownership
  • Increased profitability from car parking operations
  • Improved surveillance operations with high quality evidential images
  • Operational efficiencies through the automation of previously manual tasks.

IDIS launches its HD-TVI surveillance offering

IDIS launches its HD-TVI surveillance offering and a highly scalable fully featured VMS.  

IDIS today unveiled its HD-TVI surveillance solution, DirectCX™, on stand G700 at IFSEC International, alongside a fully-featured VMS, IDIS Solution Suite™ (ISS). The addition of an analogue HD-over-coaxial system, and the highly flexible and scalable ISS, to the IDIS line-up realizes the surveillance powerhouse’s promise to present the most comprehensive surveillance solution at this year’s exhibition.

With a continued commitment to meet a range of surveillance and technology needs, the new IDIS DirectCX™ offering is ideal for customers and installers seeking analogue cctv surveillance camera and looking to leverage existing coaxial cabling and power lines, while still benefitting from IDIS signature high performance and quality. The DirectCX™ line-up includes a range of HD-TVI video recorders (TVRs), Security Cameras, IDIS Center™ Video Management Software (VMS) and peripherals.

Additionally, the fully-featured IDIS VMS, ISS, works across any combination of IDIS recording platforms including the IDIS flagship NVR-based offering, DirectIP™, as well as DirectCX™ TVRs, and presents customers with the powerful functionality offered by server-based recording. Leveraging a cost-effective modular design, ISS works seamlessly with every single IDIS device and allows customers to choose only the modules they need, such as administration, monitoring, recording, streaming, backup, redundant recording, failover and video wall services.

Built on core patented technologies, the IDIS offerings all use the same user-friendly interface, ensuring a unified user experience across all technology platforms. ISS allows customers to mix and match network and analogue HD over coaxial cable technology, while customers looking to migrate from DirectCX™ to DirectIP™ or to scale up from DirectIP™ to ISS will find a virtually identical user interface. This future-proofs investments by giving customers the flexibility to expand, while minimising training requirements to ensure a low cost of ownership.

Speaking at the show, Brian Song, Managing Director of IDIS Europe, said, “Our philosophy is to meet the surveillance needs of businesses across a range of market sectors by offering a total surveillance solution. We also have a commitment to combining high performance with simplicity and a low cost of ownership. From the perspective of operation there is no difference between using DirectIP™, DirectCX™ or operating ISS.

“IDIS Center™, bundled within our DirectIP™ offering, is already a powerful VMS that we offer at no cost, supporting up to 1024 devices or 32,768 (32 x 1024) IP CCTV Camera. Now, with ISS, customers can scale up and expand to, say, 64 simultaneous remote client logins, and gain the power and redundancy of server-based recording, often required by larger enterprises with mission critical security operations, yet the user experience remains the same. The modular design of ISS also ensures customers only pay for what they want and need.”

Song continued, “With the addition of our DirectCX™ offering and an enterprise-level VMS, we really are meeting the needs of an even wider range of applications in terms of security, surveillance and technology requirements.”

Hikvision launches SMART SOLUTION 2.0

With the launch of Hikvision’s SMART SOLUTION 2.0, the world leader in Intelligent Video Surveillance technology is raising the bar for the entire CCTV industry with increased performance, functionality, usability and business productivity. SMART SOLUTION 2.0 includes enriched Smart features across its entire range of industry-leading IP cameras, Smart Hikvision DVR and video management software, together with tailored applications especially designed to meet the individual requirements of key vertical markets, including the retail, banking, hotel and industrial sectors.

“As the number of sites multiplies, client requirements and expectations vary more than ever, and IP is increasingly accepted as the de facto standard, a new generation of intelligent video systems is needed to address the critical requirements facing all ip cctv system,” says Keen Yao, International Marketing Director of Hikvision. “SMART SOLUTION 2.0 recognizes that users need help to differentiate the real threats from the background noise and ways to efficiently retrieve this information amid the explosion in stored data. SMART SOLUTION 2.0 also recognizes that cctv surveillance camera has made the jump from an assurance system to a key driver in many businesses and this convergence of security and productivity is set to accelerate.

A new generation of Smart Features

Hikvision’s SMART IP cameras combined intelligence, efficiency, ease-of-use and high performance when they introduced Smart technologies such as Smart Codec, Smart Detection and Smart Control to modern video surveillance. Now, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 enriches the Smart features with Region Entry/Exit, Object Counting/Removal/Exit, Target Cropping and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). Region Entry/Exit detects people, vehicles or other objects entering or exiting from a per-defined virtual region, triggering an alarm which may also generate further actions. The ‘Object’ tracking features build upon this to allow users to define an area of interest and count objects entering or leaving, with objects including people and vehicles. In a further refinement, Object Left/Removal can detect and prompt an alarm if an object is left in or removed from a pre-defined region.

Rounding out, the on-board ANPR analytics further help to detect and recognize a vehicle’s license plate and send ANPR info to a Smart Dahua DVR or video management software for access management.It allows users to systematically manage videos and locate each individual vehicle in a given period of time, greatly accelerates post-event investigation.

Vast Range of Advanced IP Cameras
From inception, SMART IP has offered professionally-focused, high-performance cameras and NVRs. In line with the enriched Smart features, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 offers an exceptional range of advanced CCTV equipment to suit any application. As well as the original Smart IP and Smart PTZ ranges, the new cameras include Hikvision’s DarkFighter and LightFighter series, the 6MP Ultra HD series, the 4K IP series, 8MP and 12MP real-time video Smart IP cameras and the newly-launched 3MP WDR series. Each boasts the full SMART features set, making it the industry’s richest Smart product offering available.

Total Solutions

Whether the project is large or small, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 offers a complete security platform for users to manage cameras, NVRs, alarm, access control and TV wall devices. For the small- to middle-sized project, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 brings the Smart IPC or Smart PTZ cameras together with their range of Smart NVRs, complete with Smart Detection, Smart Search, Smart Playback and Smart Backup. Larger projects can complement the Smart cameras with Hikvision’s iVMS-5200Professional software, which adds Smart Analytic features to the Smart Detection, Smart Search, Smart Playback and Smart Backup features found in the Smart NVRs.

Tailored for Vertical Applications
SMART SOLUTION 2.0 is a powerful business productivity tool, combining a smart platform that integrates the management of all security equipment with smart features and analytics. A number of specially tailored modules are available for key industry sectors, including Retail, Banking, and Hotels and Hospitality. For example, the Smart Retail system includes POS Management, POS & Alarm Control, Heat Mapping Analytics, People Counting Analytics, Demographic Analytics, Multi-stores Management and Convention Rate Analytics to precisely monitor customer flows, preferences and employee performance, etc. A host of graphic reports is also generated to capture valuable business intelligence and improve management efficiency.

To find out how Hikvision tailors vertical solution with SMART SOLUTION 2.0, please refer to following button:

Could early detection and remote response saved a life?

On Friday, August 7, 2015, a police officer shot and killed a man who smashed his car into the Classic Buick GMC auto dealership in Arlington, Texas.

  • Around 1 a.m., police were contacted by the security company that monitors security cameras at the dealership to report a suspected burglary in progress.
  • Police were advised by the security company that someone had driven a car onto the lot, started to damage another car, and then drove his own vehicle through the glass front of the showroom.
  • Two police officers entered the dealership and approached the subject as other officers set a perimeter around the dealership. An altercation ensued and the police fatally shot the suspect.

Dealerships present a complex security challenge for multiple reasons. Dealerships stock high-end models for the public to see, and thus are placing high-value assets out in the open, where theft and damage can occur. This approach is imperative to the success of their business as open & customer-friendly venues attract and invite buyers; so, virtually no dealerships have fences or barriers to prevent access. They also have indoor and outdoor areas that require security including repair depots, show rooms, service bays, paint shops, and more. While car dealerships invite customers to browse, they also need to seek protection from unauthorized personnel accessing the site after hours. For security professionals, one thing is clear from this tragedy — security cameras and monitoring might detect, but can’t prevent a tragedy.

Auto dealership owners must strike the right balance between serving customers and operational costs associated with protecting their business and assets. On-site security guards may seem like an effective option, but the added costs of paying salaries, benefits, and providing the necessary equipment to effectively respond can add up quickly. Further, human error, constant monitoring, and personnel risk add to the cost of this approach.

A typical ip cctv system with a DVR or NVR might record a crime, but not actively alarm and alert the proper authorities to prevent a crime. In many localities, visual verification of a threat is also required even before police are dispatched. So the typical auto dealership might have appropriate security to provide forensic evidence after a crime, but why not employ pro-active preventative measures to prevent a crime? Auto dealerships should have an effective & reliable security system for the lowest possible cost to support their business model.

In the case of the Arlington dealership, they relied on cctv surveillance camera monitored remotely by a security company. It appears the trigger for the security monitoring was not at the perimeter but alarmed when the suspect drove his car through the showroom glass window, no doubt setting off motion detectors. This was way too late — significant damage and crime had already occurred— with a tragic outcome.

The Xtralis® solution for perimeter protection provides very early and reliable detection at the edge of a property with innovative intrusion detection technology. Using few IP CCTV Security Camera and advanced video content analytics (VCA) running on a Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateway™ (RMG) will accurately detect and alarm for perimeter intrusion threats with great reliability to allow for preventative action. The Xtralis detection solution is a true electronic first responder; with audio talk-down from a remote location many threats can be eliminated before they escalate. In extreme circumstances, like that in Arlington, TX, Xtralis solutions also assist police and first responders with real-time visual situational intelligence.

There are a variety of detection capabilities on the market. Xtralis detection technology is unique, based on decades of innovation, and testing based on thousands of hours of actual footage, ranging from environmental, seasonal, and time of day variations to ensure Xtralis analytics achieve low false alarm rates while maintaining high detection probability and reliability. The Xtralis video content analytics employed in the award-winning Xtralis IntrusionTrace™ engine is i-LIDS® certified as a primary detection system for operational alert in sterile zone monitoring applications. This standard, for Intelligent Detection Systems (i-LIDS) is the UK government’s benchmark for video analytics (VA) systems. It has been developed by the Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) in partnership with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and is recognized worldwide for its demanding requirements. IntrusionTrace is deployed worldwide for the primary protection of perimeters. The i-LIDS certification for IntrusionTrace is a badge of excellence in security. Xtralis solutions have maintained this certification for over 10 years.

Protecting car dealerships is complex because the system has to be immune to false alarms associated with swaying vegetation, flags, clouds, animals, insects, and more. Xtralis IntrusionTrace delivers the highest rate of detection combined with the lowest rate of false alarms.

In addition to IntrusionTrace, Xtralis also offers LoiterTrace™, a video analytic to detect unauthorized loitering in a protected zone. LoiterTrace has been proven very effective for car dealerships with extensive deployments in Europe. In the case of Arlington, if LoiterTrace was deployed the entire situation could have been managed differently. Prior to the intrusion alarm, the security monitoring company would have received a LoiterTrace alarm as the suspect approached or entered certain areas of the car lot & building.
Even with Xtralis, early detection isn’t enough. Once the intruder has been detected by our intrusion detection technology, reliable transmission of the alarm and visual verification is imperative to establish the threat, evaluate the situation, and deliver the appropriate response. An Xtralis RMG with IntrusionTrace and LoiterTrace analytics delivers very early detection and ensures reliable transmission of the threat event to a remote monitoring station.

Depending on the Xtralis RMG selected, a system can scale up to 32 IP HD CCTV IP Camera with up to 32 channels of analytics running simultaneously. In Arlington, the first responders were dispatched to a developing situation where they relied on the information verbally given to them by the security company. They didn’t know if the suspect was armed, had accomplices, etc. and did not have any remote visual verification capability that could assist with effective response. A tragic loss of life was the result.

ACI Protection, a leading security company and central monitoring station that protects many car dealerships throughout the U.S., utilizes Xtralis solutions to provide early detection, visual verification, and remote response. The Xtralis system enables operators to act as soon as a potential threat is detected. Each operator can support multiple dealerships, because they don’t need to constantly view Infrared Light for Security Camera waiting for a threat event to occur; Xtralis IntrusionTrace alarms and directs them to the appropriate site and camera viewing the scene. The operators can visually verify the threat and remotely warn off the intruder with audio talk-back. Potential intruders can be notified in real-time that they are being watched and that the Police have been informed and are enroute. In the majority of cases, the intruders leave the premises upon hearing the audio warning – preventing the crime from ever taking place. In the case of the Arlington tragedy, the security company could have de-escalated the threat and avoided the altercation between the suspect and police.

Another aspect to consider is the benefit of remote monitoring and situational awareness. Xtralis provides applications for smartphones & tablets to monitor & manage a site from anywhere in the world. ADPRO® iTrace™ for Apple & Android devices enables a user to connect to a site and display live camera views from an RMG in addition to event views, bi-directional audio capability, and commands for opening/closing doors, turning on/off lights, etc. ADPRO iRespond™ for Apple devices provides remote event notification & verification for first responders & site owners to provide situational awareness. These tools could have been additional “eyes” into the situation developing at the car dealership, providing first responders better situational awareness prior to taking action.

The Xtralis prevention solution has been proven to be more effective than standard CCTV system, even with on-site security guards. It is an innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solution for protecting car dealerships and preventing theft & vandalism. This prevention solution delivers the highest detection capabilities with the lowest false alarm rate while offering the lowest cost per monitored channel, 24/7 reliable remote monitoring, and remote response capabilities. It may have made a difference in Arlington, TX.

Hikvision Releases New Generation of Audio&Video Compression Cards Featuring Low Power Consumption

August, 2009    Hikvision Camera Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the leading surveillance products supplier with headquarters in China, launches DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card. It adopts high-performance video processing chip, standard H.264 video codec, and real-time audio/video capturing and encoding. Series models include DS-4216HFVI, DS-4208HFVI, and DS-4216HCI.

Some of the major requirements for compression cards in the industry today are stability, flexibility, and the ease of development and customization. By adopting a high-performance processing chip that can support up to 8ch 4CIF real-time encoding, the DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card requires fewer chips on the board resulting in extra-low power consumption and higher stability. A full SDK and demo source code is also available, which provides a friendly platform for development and customization. Besides, the on-board video/audio input pins allow users to build a PC-based Hikvision DVR system with their preferred physical video/audio input interfaces; its termination jumper design on each 75 Ohm matching resistor also enables the video loop out function as an option.

Hikvision IP Camera DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card delivers up to 16ch 4CIF (main stream) real-time encoding and 16ch CIF (sub stream) encoding on dual stream mode, which enables the product to record in high quality and full frame rate, and at the same time to cover the requirement on narrow band transmission and cell phone surveillance applications. The product also features 25fps (PAL) / 30fps (NTSC) and supports variable bit rate and frame rate, motion detection, OSD auto switch, LOGO and MASK overlay.

The DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card is compatible with the main-stream CPU, motherboard, and display adapter, which provides a huge convenience for users while building up a PC-based DVR system. Furthermore, users can build up a hybrid system, utilizing the DS-42xxHCI/HFVI Series Audio/Video Compression Card along with Hikvision’s iVMS software and a PC, to connect with Hikvision’s cctv surveillance camera products.

Product performance differences are based on 3 models: The DS-4216HFVI supports 16ch 4CIF real time recording, and up to 16ch 4CIF (main stream) and 16ch CIF (sub stream) encoding in dual stream mode; the DS-4208HFVI supports 8ch 4CIF real time recording, and up to 8ch 4CIF (main stream) and 8ch CIF (sub stream) encoding in dual stream mode; the DS-4216HCI supports 16ch CIF real time encoding, 16ch 4CIF or 2CIF encoding with 5fps, and up to 16ch CIF (main stream) and 16ch CIF (sub stream) encoding in dual stream mode.