Honeywell adds IP Video kits to performance series line

Honeywell is now offering bundled IP Video kits that give small to mid-size businesses a hassle-free option for upgrading to high definition IP video. The kits consist of Honeywell’s new four-channel embedded NVR with four ball or four bullet style high definition IP cameras. These kits are affordable, easy to install and provide a complete end-to-end video surveillance solution.

“The common problem for Dahua DVR systems is that they’re too expensive and too difficult to install, so many organisations stick to what they know, which is the standard analogue DVR system,” said  Uli Hopfstock, product manager EMEA,  “Our Performance Series’ IP kits address those concerns by providing a cost-effective, easy-to-install system that makes IP video a greater reality for organisations with cash-strapped budgets. It’s as easy to set up as a DVR.”

The simple, low-profile dahua security camera designs are ideal for tight spaces, and built-in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) simplifies dahua camera installation through plug-and-play functionality, saving time and costs. An intuitive setup wizard makes the system easy to configure, maintain, and manage. End users can also program the system to record only when motion is detected to maximize the system’s efficiency. The network connected system allows business owners to view video from smartphones, tablets and computers. E-mail alerts can be programmed to warn users of network failures or motion detection.

COP secures UK distribution agreement with Dahua Technology

COP Security, the professional trade only CCTV security products distributor is set to boost its already substantial CCTV products offering, with the announcement that it has secured a UK distribution agreement with Dahua Technology.

One of China’s Top 10 security brands, dahua security camera Technology is a world-class manufacturer of video surveillance products with the 2nd largest market share, according to IMS Global Report 2014. This equates to 5.6% share globally, ahead of Axis, Samsung, Bosch and other key international manufacturers.

With 442 patents, including 20 invention patents, dahua camera has built a 3,000 strong R&D capability to develop innovation and technology based surveillance solutions. With a product range spanning analogue, HDCVI, IP, 4K, Command & Control software and intelligent traffic surveillance systems, Dahua DVR solutions are installed across a wide variety of applications worldwide. These include Olympic venues, UNESCO sites in Italy and the London Underground.

Commenting on the new partnership agreement, Fu Liquan, President of Dahua Technology said: “Strong R&D and a progressive marketing strategy is the key to our success. Our ambition is to provide the cutting-edge, high-quality and high- performance Dahua product range via a network of leading partners, on a global dimension. We are very proud to welcome COP Security into the Dahua distribution partner network.”

On behalf of COP Security, Gareth Rhodes, the company’s Sales & Marketing Manager enthused: “We are delighted to announce that COP Security’s success in the UK distribution market has attracted one of the world’s leading manufacturers to appoint us with a UK distribution agreement. Underlining our continual commitment to supporting UK installers with high-grade professional products, backed-up with first rate service, we are looking forward to extending that offering, with Dahua’s world- class portfolio of advanced surveillance solutions.”

Joining COP’s existing range of CCTV equipment, the full range of Dahua products including 4K NVRs & cameras, HDCVI Tribrid DVR’s & IP CCTV Security Camera, and Dahua powered Nexus IP range, will all feature in COPs new 2015 catalogue, available from March.

Hikvision launches SMART SOLUTION 2.0

With the launch of Hikvision’s SMART SOLUTION 2.0, the world leader in Intelligent Video Surveillance technology is raising the bar for the entire CCTV industry with increased performance, functionality, usability and business productivity. SMART SOLUTION 2.0 includes enriched Smart features across its entire range of industry-leading IP cameras, Smart Hikvision DVR and video management software, together with tailored applications especially designed to meet the individual requirements of key vertical markets, including the retail, banking, hotel and industrial sectors.

“As the number of sites multiplies, client requirements and expectations vary more than ever, and IP is increasingly accepted as the de facto standard, a new generation of intelligent video systems is needed to address the critical requirements facing all ip cctv system,” says Keen Yao, International Marketing Director of Hikvision. “SMART SOLUTION 2.0 recognizes that users need help to differentiate the real threats from the background noise and ways to efficiently retrieve this information amid the explosion in stored data. SMART SOLUTION 2.0 also recognizes that cctv surveillance camera has made the jump from an assurance system to a key driver in many businesses and this convergence of security and productivity is set to accelerate.

A new generation of Smart Features

Hikvision’s SMART IP cameras combined intelligence, efficiency, ease-of-use and high performance when they introduced Smart technologies such as Smart Codec, Smart Detection and Smart Control to modern video surveillance. Now, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 enriches the Smart features with Region Entry/Exit, Object Counting/Removal/Exit, Target Cropping and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). Region Entry/Exit detects people, vehicles or other objects entering or exiting from a per-defined virtual region, triggering an alarm which may also generate further actions. The ‘Object’ tracking features build upon this to allow users to define an area of interest and count objects entering or leaving, with objects including people and vehicles. In a further refinement, Object Left/Removal can detect and prompt an alarm if an object is left in or removed from a pre-defined region.

Rounding out, the on-board ANPR analytics further help to detect and recognize a vehicle’s license plate and send ANPR info to a Smart Dahua DVR or video management software for access management.It allows users to systematically manage videos and locate each individual vehicle in a given period of time, greatly accelerates post-event investigation.

Vast Range of Advanced IP Cameras
From inception, SMART IP has offered professionally-focused, high-performance cameras and NVRs. In line with the enriched Smart features, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 offers an exceptional range of advanced CCTV equipment to suit any application. As well as the original Smart IP and Smart PTZ ranges, the new cameras include Hikvision’s DarkFighter and LightFighter series, the 6MP Ultra HD series, the 4K IP series, 8MP and 12MP real-time video Smart IP cameras and the newly-launched 3MP WDR series. Each boasts the full SMART features set, making it the industry’s richest Smart product offering available.

Total Solutions

Whether the project is large or small, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 offers a complete security platform for users to manage cameras, NVRs, alarm, access control and TV wall devices. For the small- to middle-sized project, SMART SOLUTION 2.0 brings the Smart IPC or Smart PTZ cameras together with their range of Smart NVRs, complete with Smart Detection, Smart Search, Smart Playback and Smart Backup. Larger projects can complement the Smart cameras with Hikvision’s iVMS-5200Professional software, which adds Smart Analytic features to the Smart Detection, Smart Search, Smart Playback and Smart Backup features found in the Smart NVRs.

Tailored for Vertical Applications
SMART SOLUTION 2.0 is a powerful business productivity tool, combining a smart platform that integrates the management of all security equipment with smart features and analytics. A number of specially tailored modules are available for key industry sectors, including Retail, Banking, and Hotels and Hospitality. For example, the Smart Retail system includes POS Management, POS & Alarm Control, Heat Mapping Analytics, People Counting Analytics, Demographic Analytics, Multi-stores Management and Convention Rate Analytics to precisely monitor customer flows, preferences and employee performance, etc. A host of graphic reports is also generated to capture valuable business intelligence and improve management efficiency.

To find out how Hikvision tailors vertical solution with SMART SOLUTION 2.0, please refer to following button:

Dahua Mobile-DVR Recommendation

The chart below mainly indicates the main vertical markets for the mobile-DVRs.

Although there are some common demand desires for the products such as anti-vibration, strong-ventilation capability, easy operation and etc., each market also has its own industrial-specific features to consider.

As what is shown above, although the market expressed various expectations towards Mobile-Dahua DVR, Dahua, as always, oriented to the needs and integrated necessary functions to better cater the market.

dahua camera technical support engineer- Allen recommends you three following mobile DVRs—DVR0404ME-H, DVR0404ME-U and DVR0404ME-S, which respectively featuring D1(720 X 576 / 720 X 480)(DVR0404ME-H), CIF(352×288) realtime recording capability; and they all support bidirectional talk.
The DVR0404ME-H and DVR0404ME-U are of the same appearance and their +8V~ +60V wide power supply range makes themselves suitable for basically all the vehicle types on the market today and effectively avoid device damage caused by unstable voltage, short circuit and over-current troubles. The aviation connectors here adopted is to free the camera from extra power supply (recommended cameras: CA-D480D/CA-DW480D) and also provides reliable contactility. The DVRs support 1 SATA and its pluggable case is anti-vibrate. In addition, with watermark technology and HDD lock, dahua here presents you with a reasonable reliability in terms of the authentication of recordings.
The build-in GPS module helps to pin the exact position of vehicles, the control room personnel can therefore have a clear overall picture over the on-site events, thus quickens the response time to better ensure the safety of personnel in mobile. The Wi-Fi and 3G is interchangeable according to the network environment then, the RJ45 Ethernet port (10M/100M) makes the video transmission more convenient when the vehicle drives into a station or somewhere analogue.
As for the lately introduced mobile DVR, DVR0404ME-S mainly differs from the above two mode on its built-in power-supply and CF card storage. The embedded battery DVR0404ME-S used makes it less consumed, hence is more environment-friendly, so to speak. And even when the car engine is turned off, the DVR can still work in case of any unexpected event, which brings a lot of convenience to forensics work. This model maximally supports two CF cards.
But of course, sound hardware is just a beginning, we here also provide you with good software support. dahua security camera DSS (digital surveillance system) aims to assist you to manage large-scale and critical application tasks with intuitive access and easy operation and try to make its own contribution to “Road Safety Project”.

Dahua Technology Enhances Security for Bank BMCI in Morocco

HANGZHOU, CHINA, July 4, 2013 — Established in 1964 , BMCI (French: Banque Marocaine du Commerce et de l’Industrie) is a bank based in Morocco with a network of hundreds of branches, currently boasts over 500,000 personal, business and institutional customers. BMCI is a subsidiary of the French financial group BNP Paribas, whose great financial rating makes it the stand-out performer in the country’s banking sector.
Figure 1 BMCI in Morocco

With expending business and the increasing security concern, the bank decided to level up its ip cctv system, including its 250 branches throughout Morocco. The bank requires a system which needs to be stable, smooth and reliable to safeguard the station 24/7, both indoors and outdoors to offset the hazardous attempts and make effective responses in no time. Concerning that the bank has already covered with analog structure, a hybrid solution — megapixel cameras with higher image quality and easier management and hybrid Dahua DVR were perfect for this upgrading.
The project selected Dahua 3- and 2-megapixel HD network dahua security camera for more than a thousand units, three to four camera units with a hybrid DVR per branch. These cameras are installed in lobbies and self-service sectors, safeguarding the entrances, counters and the ATM kiosks, capturing and rendering crystal clear images with true color reproduction. dahua camera Hybrid video recorders integrate both analog and network IP Camera on the back-end, which up to 32TB footage storage. With Dahua in-house surveillance software — DSS, the whole surveillance area is under good watch. The powerful integration and intuitive interface with newly-designed tabs indicates the administrator to better experience the usage.
“With Dahua’s good quality and services, BMCI is confident to handle with emergency and standardize the internal management,” said Afaf Raid, the sales manager of COUNTRY TECHNOLOGIE, Dahua’s exclusive local distributor.
About Dahua Technology
Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listed: 002236 ) is a professional manufacturer in the security and surveillance field. Over the past 15 years’ development, Dahua Technology has been fully experienced in research and design of cutting-edge technology surveillance equipments. Both hardware and software are modular-designed with flexibility for different configurations, various scales of applications and future expansion.

Dahua Network Camera and TV Box Recognized by iF Design Award

HANGZHOU, CHINA/March 6, 2014 — Dahua DVR two products — HD Sync Auto Focus Camera and Full-HD TV Box, won the 2014 iF Product Design Award.


The iF Product Design Award was introduced in 1954 in Germany and is annually conferred by the iF International Forum Design. Every year, iF Award attracts more than 2,000 product entries from around 37 nations, which are judged by renowned experts, with the best of them receiving an iF seal of outstanding design quality.


Among other winning designs, dahua security camera and TV box are two must-see. Dahua HD Sync Auto Focus Network Camera seamlessly combines the Security Cameras and bracket, which not only assures an aesthetic shape, but also makes the product dust-proof. And its bracket design satisfies multiple demand for installation and well hide the cables. In addition, the camera uses special material, allowing high infrared light transmittance rate to ensure a good visual effect both during the day and night.


The other award-winning product is Dahua Full-HD TV Box, which integrates home entertainment with monitoring function. Its overall design is smart and smooth as the home-use environment should be taken into consideration.


“The award, itself, is not only a competition but also a trial balloon of future trend, we are very thrilled to be recognized by the iF design committee,” said Tim Shen, Overseas Marketing Director at Dahua Technology. “The stereotype on ‘Made-in-China’ was low value-added and poor in design, but today, some of Chinese manufacturers are proven to the world that Made-in-China products are more than just price and copycats while we value our enhanced design for better user’s experience and product aesthetics.”


“With robust R&D capacity, dahua camera will continue to invest in video surveillance market,” added Shen. “As high resolution continues to grow, we believe that we have the ability to present the high definition innovations while taking aesthetics, user-friendliness and details into consideration.”

Smartwares Security Launches Dahua HDCVI Technology in the Benelux

HANGZHOU, CHINA/July 18, 2014 —dahua camera HDCVI Academy officially has Smartwares Security as its distribution partner.

As HDCVI reveals a new chapter, offering the industry with a new HD solution, and in a heritage way, HDCVI provides high definition quality at analog price. HDCVI technology is exact the optimal solution to the market.

“Benelux is a very important market to us and Smartwares Security is one of the most influential distributors in the region, its long history and professionalism win the company a good reputation, which is what we appreciate most.” Said Tim Shen, Marketing Director at dahua security camera Technology. “And we are happy that Smartwares Security made this wise move, I mean, to join the HDCVI academy, we will definitely go together and do whatever we can to serve the market.”

“We are very excited to add Dahua DVR HDCVI products to our portfolio” said Michel Cauwenberghs, Video Product Manager at Smartwares Security. “We are convinced that HDCVI will be the best choice for easy installation of HD or Full HD solutions. Tribrid systems can make it easier for installers to adopt the latest technology in existing analogue systems without re-cabling or other costs to have Full HD implemented. As for end-users, they will get a lot of benefits of HDCVI including much more detailed images and all this at an affordable price similar to analogue systems.”

Dahua Strengthens its Presence in the Middle East

HANGZHOU, China/June 23, 2015 — Dahua DVR Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China successfully held a seminar in Dubai, U.A.E. on 24th May. At the seminar, Dahua also officially announced its opening of Dubai subsidiary, providing services to the whole Middle East region.
The seminar attracted more than a hundred attendees, apart from U.A.E, more are coming from Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon.


The theme of the event is to deliver the latest information about dahua camera, both technology wise and company wise to the partners. Among all these highlights, Dahua professionals presented audience with excellent introductions to latest solutions and products, including new HDCVI offerings, Eco-Savvy 2.0 network cameras and other IP portfolios.


Moreover, solutions such as video wall and its central management system and intelligent traffic solution were elaborated, on which, integrators expressed their strong interest and asked for more training in coming days.


Xin Chen, Manager of Dahua Middle East FZE, announced the opening of dahua security camera Dubai subsidiary; he explained the company structure, maintenance facilities, warehouse and services that it can provide, aiming to render the market with more localized service within much shorter time.


“We are very satisfied with the result, everything goes so well and we are pleased to see the enthusiasm,” said Chen. “We value this market, and this is the reason why we are here, so what we will do is to go with our partners to better satisfy this region.”

Dahua Introduces Eco-Savvy 3.0 Series Product Portfolio

HANGZHOU, China/ June 23, 2016 — dahua security camera Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China has introduced its Eco-Savvy 3.0 series products portfolio.
Like the Eco-savvy 2.0 series that launched last year, all of the new latest 3.0 series features the enhanced, performance-boosting chip which combines intelligence, efficiency, and ease-of-use into modern video surveillance.
Dahua Eco-savvy 3.0 dahua camera is capable of delivering real-time 1080p video streams at 60 fps, 4Mp video streams at 30fps and 4K video streams at 15fps. The real-time high resolution can be especially suited to applications requiring highly detailed surveillance. Latest H.265 compression to cut bandwidth in half features further lowering bandwidth.
The Eco-Savvy 3.0 series features an impressive range of smart detection features, including face detection, tripwire detection, and intrusion detection. These features mean that users are equipped with more precise video analysis and, as a result, greater security efficiency.
The series also boasts starlight technology, WDR image enhancement technology, triple video streams, and Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS). The starlight technology ensures the camera shows excellent performance in difficult lighting conditions. Class-leading wide dynamic range (120dB) can easily to handle the most challenging lighting conditions.

Dahua DVR Eco-savvy 3.0 series will be showcased at the upcoming IFSEC International trade show (21-23th June 2016), please stop by Dahua booth D600 to experience the intelligent and feature-rich products.