IDIS launches its HD-TVI surveillance offering

IDIS launches its HD-TVI surveillance offering and a highly scalable fully featured VMS.  

IDIS today unveiled its HD-TVI surveillance solution, DirectCX™, on stand G700 at IFSEC International, alongside a fully-featured VMS, IDIS Solution Suite™ (ISS). The addition of an analogue HD-over-coaxial system, and the highly flexible and scalable ISS, to the IDIS line-up realizes the surveillance powerhouse’s promise to present the most comprehensive surveillance solution at this year’s exhibition.

With a continued commitment to meet a range of surveillance and technology needs, the new IDIS DirectCX™ offering is ideal for customers and installers seeking analogue cctv surveillance camera and looking to leverage existing coaxial cabling and power lines, while still benefitting from IDIS signature high performance and quality. The DirectCX™ line-up includes a range of HD-TVI video recorders (TVRs), Security Cameras, IDIS Center™ Video Management Software (VMS) and peripherals.

Additionally, the fully-featured IDIS VMS, ISS, works across any combination of IDIS recording platforms including the IDIS flagship NVR-based offering, DirectIP™, as well as DirectCX™ TVRs, and presents customers with the powerful functionality offered by server-based recording. Leveraging a cost-effective modular design, ISS works seamlessly with every single IDIS device and allows customers to choose only the modules they need, such as administration, monitoring, recording, streaming, backup, redundant recording, failover and video wall services.

Built on core patented technologies, the IDIS offerings all use the same user-friendly interface, ensuring a unified user experience across all technology platforms. ISS allows customers to mix and match network and analogue HD over coaxial cable technology, while customers looking to migrate from DirectCX™ to DirectIP™ or to scale up from DirectIP™ to ISS will find a virtually identical user interface. This future-proofs investments by giving customers the flexibility to expand, while minimising training requirements to ensure a low cost of ownership.

Speaking at the show, Brian Song, Managing Director of IDIS Europe, said, “Our philosophy is to meet the surveillance needs of businesses across a range of market sectors by offering a total surveillance solution. We also have a commitment to combining high performance with simplicity and a low cost of ownership. From the perspective of operation there is no difference between using DirectIP™, DirectCX™ or operating ISS.

“IDIS Center™, bundled within our DirectIP™ offering, is already a powerful VMS that we offer at no cost, supporting up to 1024 devices or 32,768 (32 x 1024) IP CCTV Camera. Now, with ISS, customers can scale up and expand to, say, 64 simultaneous remote client logins, and gain the power and redundancy of server-based recording, often required by larger enterprises with mission critical security operations, yet the user experience remains the same. The modular design of ISS also ensures customers only pay for what they want and need.”

Song continued, “With the addition of our DirectCX™ offering and an enterprise-level VMS, we really are meeting the needs of an even wider range of applications in terms of security, surveillance and technology requirements.”

IDIS delivers security boost for Dutch Postal Service

IDIS have announced the delivery of a unified surveillance solution that is enabling PostNL, the Netherlands’ postal service, to step up security across its estates while protecting its existing investment and reducing running costs.

Like all national post services, PostNL has had to adapt fast to keep a competitive edge in a constantly changing market. Having transformed its business to meet the challenges of online retail, it provides all-in-one solutions to support international logistics services, including goods handling, storage and the entire administrative side of the online buying chain. It has also enhanced tracking and protection for a growing volume of high-value parcel deliveries.

Having made significant investments in security systems to reduce manned guarding while running a lean security operation, PostNL wanted to drive additional efficiencies and further minimise specific risks. It therefore needed to improve monitoring at six post sorting centres, eighteen parcel depots and several key facilities. Dutch systems specialist Beveco Gebouwautomatisering integrated these disparate systems. Combined with IDIS Solution Suite (ISS), a security management platform was developed to unify all surveillance, alarms and alerts and reporting.

Equipped with the new ISS, PostNL is benefiting from the powerful functionality of a cost-effective, server-based security management solution that includes features for monitoring, recording, streaming, backup, redundant recording, failover and video wall services. As well as accommodating IDIS DirectIP™ full-HD IP CCTV Security Camera to upgrade surveillance in critical areas, the ISS offered the flexibility to integrate legacy IDIS analogue digital video recorders (DVRs). Although more than twelve years old, they will offer first-class functionality for years to come, so avoiding the need for a costly rip and replace that would have required high capital investment.

Around 3000 Hikvision IP Camera from multiple manufacturers, with the majority from IDIS, have been integrated onto the centralised security management platform. The user-friendly ISS interface makes it easy for security operators to manage and control everyday security events in real-time, from opening gates across the estate to being fully prepared to respond fast to suspect behaviour or a full-scale emergency.

Monitored 24/7 by two operators and overseen by a security manager, PostNL has improved security measures both across its workforce and facilities. At the same time, by ensuring the highest standards to safeguard all goods, it provides a premium quality service for online retail customers. In parallel with this, Post NL has significantly increased operational effectiveness.

Commenting, one of the operators, said: “The IDIS solution does exactly what it says on the tin. In our line of work, it often comes down to detecting the smallest level of detail.” Marc Marc Kleiberg, Service and Operations Manager, PostNL Security said: “The new IDIS full-HD, networked dahua security camera provide crystal clear images with little to no latency, allowing operators to detect the slightest level of suspicious behaviour. The solution also gives us a staged, affordable migration path from our existing analogue systems through to full-HD networked surveillance across all our sites, with upgrades already underway.”

He continued: “With IDIS technology, we knew we were guaranteed reliability and high-quality performance. The fact that our 12-year-old IDIS recording devices are still functioning well is testament to IDIS quality. This long lifespan also makes IDIS the logical and reliable choice for all our future surveillance requirements.”

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Wael Tanoukhi appointed IDIS Technical Manager to support growth in Security Camera Area

IDIS has appointed Wael Tanoukhi to the position of Technical Manager to support its growing customer base on security cameras in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Based out of the IDIS MENA regional headquarters in Dubai, Wael will lead pre- and after sales technical support across the region. He will also oversee the IDIS training program for both installers and end-users as well as driving product-marketing initiatives across the region.

18 years experience

With a strong technical background, Wael brings with him over eighteen years’ experience of delivering tightly integrated security and ICT solutions, most recently at Weqaya Security Consulting L.L.C where he held the position of senior project manager. Wael has also held technical and commercial positions at Interconnected Security Systems following a six-year tenure with Genetec.

Commenting on his appointment Wael Tanoukhi, Technical Manager at IDIS MENA, noted: “This is an exciting time to join IDIS during a period of major global expansion and growth. I’m looking forward to putting my security and ICT skills to work in order to build upon the rapid success IDIS has had since launching the IDIS Total Solution in the region and opening its MENA headquarters in Dubai.”

Cost effective and flexible surveillance ip cctv system

“The IDIS Total Solution meets the surveillance needs of a wide range of businesses and its inherent flexibility, low total cost of ownership, reliability and quality are proving it to be a smart choice for organisations big or small. I look forward to working closely with our customers to ensure they maximise these and the many other benefits that IDIS technologies deliver.”

Harry Kwon, General Manager of IDIS MENA, added: “Opening our offices here in Dubai in January 2015 already yielded a number of new installation partners and saw us win some major end user customers including SEDAR and Majmaah University both utilising the IDIS Total Solution across multiple sites. I’m thrilled to welcome Wael on-board. His appointment ensures we will continue to provide first-class technical services at a local level, while supporting our continued growth in the region of  IP CCTV Security Camera.”

Speaking fluent Arabic, English and French, Wael holds a Master’s degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering and a degree in Computer Software Engineering both from the University of Ottawa, Canada.