Dahua Mobile-DVR Recommendation

The chart below mainly indicates the main vertical markets for the mobile-DVRs.

Although there are some common demand desires for the products such as anti-vibration, strong-ventilation capability, easy operation and etc., each market also has its own industrial-specific features to consider.

As what is shown above, although the market expressed various expectations towards Mobile-Dahua DVR, Dahua, as always, oriented to the needs and integrated necessary functions to better cater the market.

dahua camera technical support engineer- Allen recommends you three following mobile DVRs—DVR0404ME-H, DVR0404ME-U and DVR0404ME-S, which respectively featuring D1(720 X 576 / 720 X 480)(DVR0404ME-H), CIF(352×288) realtime recording capability; and they all support bidirectional talk.
The DVR0404ME-H and DVR0404ME-U are of the same appearance and their +8V~ +60V wide power supply range makes themselves suitable for basically all the vehicle types on the market today and effectively avoid device damage caused by unstable voltage, short circuit and over-current troubles. The aviation connectors here adopted is to free the camera from extra power supply (recommended cameras: CA-D480D/CA-DW480D) and also provides reliable contactility. The DVRs support 1 SATA and its pluggable case is anti-vibrate. In addition, with watermark technology and HDD lock, dahua here presents you with a reasonable reliability in terms of the authentication of recordings.
The build-in GPS module helps to pin the exact position of vehicles, the control room personnel can therefore have a clear overall picture over the on-site events, thus quickens the response time to better ensure the safety of personnel in mobile. The Wi-Fi and 3G is interchangeable according to the network environment then, the RJ45 Ethernet port (10M/100M) makes the video transmission more convenient when the vehicle drives into a station or somewhere analogue.
As for the lately introduced mobile DVR, DVR0404ME-S mainly differs from the above two mode on its built-in power-supply and CF card storage. The embedded battery DVR0404ME-S used makes it less consumed, hence is more environment-friendly, so to speak. And even when the car engine is turned off, the DVR can still work in case of any unexpected event, which brings a lot of convenience to forensics work. This model maximally supports two CF cards.
But of course, sound hardware is just a beginning, we here also provide you with good software support. dahua security camera DSS (digital surveillance system) aims to assist you to manage large-scale and critical application tasks with intuitive access and easy operation and try to make its own contribution to “Road Safety Project”.