Reverse vandalism CCTV footage seen by millions ‘a very powerful image’

Last month in Boston, Lincolnshire, the myth surrounding the idea that CCTV is used only as a deterrent to stop crime was well and truly exploded.  On prime-time television, viewers around the globe witnessed a group of youths bending a previously vandalised bike-rack back into position, with CCTV images broadcasting the whole incident with crystal-clear quality.

Unknown to revellers and onlookers alike was the fact that impressive quality CCTV images were being transmitted wirelessly back to the town’s security control room using equipment supplied by specialist outdoor wireless airsoft holographic sight company, Wavesight. Operators at the new control room can clearly be seen zooming in on the youths and watching them as they carefully bend the bike rack into position.

In July, facilities management and security company, OCS, updated the Boston Wireless IP CCTV Camera system to future-proof it for years to come.  Removing the old analogue cameras and leased fibre lines, they utilised Wavesight’s transmission products and expertise to provide a wireless solution using the latest in IP cameras supplied by Panasonic.

Steve Pittom, MD for Wavesight, said: This is a very powerful image for us. It clearly shows the quality of the images that can be transmitted wirelessly in real-time. It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words, and this was never so true as when the cctv surveillance camera operators in Boston witnessed the un-vandalising of a piece of street furniture.  For it to make headline news, due not only to the nature of what was happening, but also on account of the quality of the images broadcasting this impressive DIY repair job to the masses, is a testimony to our skills in ensuring that wireless CCTV IP Camera technology really works and provides an excellent solution that meets client needs.

The footage, which has already received over 2 million views from around the world and was also aired on BBC and ITV evening news. See the video below:

COP Launches Connexx Transmission and Connectivity Solutions

Meeting the need for CCTV video transmission and connectivity solutions across a variety of media, COP Security has announced Connexx ? a comprehensive new range of over 100 products.

With over 20 years breadth of product knowledge and manufacturing experience in the transmission of quality video, COPs knowledge in this sector is unrivalled, with all Connexx products being made from high-grade components, and backed by extensive development and testing.

Whether covering large distances or distributing multiple signal formats, the Connexx range has a practical and competitively priced solution to meet all requirements.

Suitable for Coax and CAT-5 UTP applications, Connexx solutions include a complete range of HD-SDI ancillaries, for use with COP HD-SDI DVRs, Security Cameras & monitors ? all designed for full 1080p high-definition video signal transmission.

An ideal solution for cable runs up to 300m and needing no power, Connexx Passive CAT-5 products cater for up to 4 video, data & audio signals being sent down a single UTP cable. For distances up to 900m, the Active range of products also caters for up to 4 video, data & audio signals via a single CAT-5 cable, and includes PSUs as standard.

For those looking to fulfill power & video transmission applications, the Connexx CAT-5 Power over Ethernet (PoE) server can connect and supply 12v power for up to 16 Hikvision IP Camera, receive video and transmit RS485 data.

Where installing coax or UTP cabling is problematic, Connexx 2.4/5.8Ghz Radio Transmission ranges offer a video & audio transmission alternative. Being simple to install, this Wireless IP CCTV Camera range offers installers a cost-effective way to cover large distances but without the associated cable and labour costs.

Completing the Connexx range, peripheral system products such as VGA and RS485 Video Amplifiers and Distributions, Surge Protection modules, Modulators, and HDMI Convertors and Extenders are also available.

The continually expanding range of Connexx products is built to exacting standards, using only high-quality components, says Gareth Rhodes, COP Securitys Sales & Marketing Team Leader. Ensuring total peace of mind, every Connexx product is tested for compatibility with all our CCTV IP Camera equipment, and is covered by Advantage Plus, which includes a 3 Year warranty, 1 Year advance replacement & 30 Day money back guarantee.

Changing the Face of IP ? Samsung Techwins Open Platform

This year Samsung Techwin is bringing choice and simplicity to the marketplace with its latest generation of IP network based video surveillance solutions.

In this brief interview, Joanne Herman, Marketing Manager for the Security Solution division of Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd, explains the benefits of IP and why the time is right to adopt this new technology.

Q: Joanne, why do you believe that Samsung Techwin can make such a big difference to how customers utilise Video over IP?

A: Our product development strategy has been based on the understanding that in the current challenging economic environment, businesses and organisations are understandably looking to achieve maximum long term benefit from their investment in video ip cctv system. End-users want to purchase a solution that is not just fit for todays purposes, but is also future proof in terms of its expandability and its ability to integrate with new technology in the future.

Q: There are many manufacturers of outdoor cctv camera and recorders who would say that their products are flexible, scalable and future proof too. Why do Samsung Techwin IP solutions stand out from the crowd?

A: Simply put, its the ground breaking open platform capabilities of the WiseNetIII DSP chipset that is at the heart of all our latest cameras and domes.

Q: The term Open platform is widely used in the software world. How does this apply to the chipset that is inside your cameras?

A: We believe it is an exciting game changer in that the truly open platform allows users to effortlessly upload Apps and run them on any WiseNetIII Hikvision IP Camera or dome.

Q: And why would customers want to do this?

A: Video Analytics is perhaps one of the best examples in which the functionality of a Hikvision Camera can be enhanced with the use of Apps and the processing power of the WiseNetIII DSP chipset is such that we can now give customers the complete freedom and flexibility to choose the edge based video analytics App that best matches their individual requirements.

I am certain that we will look back in a year or so and be amazed at the diversity of Apps that have been introduced. Many video-based Apps are already available. Retailers for example, may wish to use a video analytics App available from AgentVI which is designed to provide business intelligence on customer in-store behaviour and can produce heat maps which show busy areas of a store, by hour or day of the week, to enable a stores merchandising department to identify where to locate in-store promotions or perhaps relocate slow selling items. Data can also be collected to allow analysis of how long customers have to queue to pay and this can be used to help inform store managers to establish how many check-outs should be open to ensure that the customer experience is not adversely affected by long queues.

Similarly, security personnel responsible for mission critical sites may wish to use the Foxstream video analytics App, which is ideal for perimeter protection applications where there is a need to have a high performance solution to detect and track would-be vandals and thieves.

Its really easy to upload an App to one of our IP CCTV Security Camera. Following the connection of a camera to the network, installers or operators simply need to upload their preferred App via the cameras browser.

All the 1.3MP, 2MP and 3MP models within the family of WiseNetIII network Wireless IP CCTV Camera and domes are extremely easy to install and set up, as are all our plug & play network recording devices. We believe however, that it is the open platform capabilities of the WiseNetIII DSP chipset that will have the most significant impact on the demand for IP network based video surveillance solutions and create considerable sales growth opportunities for our business partners, installers and system integrators.

Q: Can users upload more than one App at a time to the WiseNetIII DSP chipset?

A: Yes. In fact a key feature of the WiseNetIII DSP chipset is that it has the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously, such as People Counting and Cloud Storage. This offers a clear advantage over competitors chipsets which only have the capacity to upload and run a single App.

Q: Do all the leading independent VMS support the Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII models?

A: Yes. Indeed this is another very important aspect of the open platform nature of the WiseNetIII DSP chipset, in that it is very easy to integrate with virtually any video management software package. We are continuing to accelerate our integration programme and are now supported by a large number of VMS including Genetec, Milestone, Axxon, Ipronet, Exacq, Genetec, and Seetec.

We look forward to showcasing how Samsung Techwin are changing the face of IP this coming June at IFSEC.

Don’t Let Burglars Gain The Upper Hand This Winter

Sunday October 26th will see the official end of our British Summer Time (BST) and will mark the start of prolonged hours of darkness. As such, the British Security Cameras Industry Association (BSIA) is stressing to homeowners and businesses the importance of effective security measures throughout these darker nights.

“Darker nights can signal the start of the burglar’s favourite time of year, with properties more vulnerable to opportunistic crime when left in darkness for longer, particularly as we approach the festive season,” warns James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA. “However, there are a wide variety of preventative Infrared Security Cameras measures that can be taken to ensure that your property is protected around the clock.

“Putting these measures in place does not have to be a costly or lengthy process, and often by simply adopting straightforward steps it is possible to dramatically reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring.”

Firstly, check that your gates, doors and windows are securely locked at all times, whether the premises is vacant or not. It is also essential to ensure that your locks are still effective, taking the time to replace them if necessary. If you are leaving your property for an extended period of time to travel during the festive season, ensure that your curtains are kept closed but leave a light on, or ask someone you trust to keep an eye on your property.

CCTV is another aspect of security that can help to keep a watchful eye on your property. However, it is important to note that if your premises does utilise electronic security measures, you must adjust the settings to match the change in natural lighting. For example, if your remote monitoring and lighting systems are controlled separately, the timer on the lighting must be adjusted once the clocks change. If these systems are out of sync, it could result in an unwanted gap in the footage before the lighting turns on, possibly allowing for an intruder to take advantage of the darkness.

In fact, lighting in general is a useful security measure. Ensure that adequate lighting is in place, particularly in vital areas of a property. However, too much lighting in the wrong area can also lead to issues; for example, a light that shines directly into a Wireless IP CCTV Camera could impair the recordings.

“There are a wide range of security measures available on the market to protect people and their properties during the winter months,” comments James. “However, when sourcing a solution, it is important that no corners are cut when it comes to choosing a quality supplier. Poor quality products can lead to further problems down the line, so ensure that you are choosing a professional security provider who meets with the appropriate British and European standards for their product or service.”

Gloucester leads the UK with Pioneering Communications Project

Work is underway on a pioneering project which aims to convert Gloucester into one of the best connected cities in the UK, partners Gloucester City Council and BT announced today.

A landmark deal, the first of its kind in the UK, will see the introduction of a free public wireless (wi-fi) service for tourists and people living and working in the city centre, a new state-of-the-art IP CCTV Camera service and control room and improved mobile phone coverage for 4G and other new services.

Gloucester is believed to be the first UK city to combine all three in one project with BT.

The investment will improve public safety and help people to stay in touch more easily as they shop, work and socialise in the city centre.

It’s also been confirmed the new CCTV and wi-fi services will be up and running to coincide with the start of the Rugby World Cup in September, in which Gloucester is playing a major role.

Once the planning and surveying work is complete, the partners will begin installing the wireless access points and 50 new high-definition Wireless IP CCTV Camera in the heart of the city centre and Gloucester Park.

Where possible, existing structures will be used to house the new equipment which will replace the current analogue CCTV network, now more than 15 years old. The new digital service will provide clearer images, enable security teams to zoom in on potential trouble-spots and gather evidence with high quality images.

Access to the Gloucester wi-fi service will be free and unlimited to all. It will extend from Westgate and Eastgate, along Northgate and Southgate and into Worcester Street towards Kingsholm Stadium.

Laptops, tablets and mobile devices, including smartphones, will be able to connect to it via a specially tailored page being developed by the partners.

Councillor Jennie Dallimore, cabinet member for communities and neighbourhoods, said: “Today marks an important milestone in our quest to make Gloucester one of the most connected places in the UK.

“This is fantastic news for people visiting the city as well as local businesses, students and shoppers. We really hope the project will help put Gloucester on the map.

“It’s great to work with BT on this unique project and we are really looking forward to when everything is up-and-running – just in time for the Rugby World Cup too.”

BT will manage the combined services for up to 10 years*.

Paul Coles, BT’s regional manager for Gloucestershire and the South West, said: “Connecting people is at the heart of what we do, but this is the first time these three key elements – CCTV, wi-fi and enhanced mobile communications – have been developed in one project for one city by BT, at the same time. It’s great to see Gloucester pioneering this approach which we now hope to replicate in other towns and cities.

“This project is another important step forward in the development of communications for Gloucester and the wider county, where the roll-out of high-speed fibre broadband is continuing at a pace.

“The new free public wi-fi service will provide people with a reliable and secure way of staying in touch whilst they are working, studying, shopping or socialising in and around the city, whilst the latest CCTV technology will help to keep them safe.

“Providing better mobile phone coverage is also important and we hope mobile network operators will take advantage and opt to boost their local coverage through the new cells that can be made available alongside the new CCTV IP Camera and wi-fi networks.”

Hikvision Provides 24-Hour Video Surveillance to Hollywood’s Sunset Plaza Hotel

March 29, 2016 – Hikvision, the world’ leading supplier in innovative, award-winning video surveillance products, has partnered with the Sunset Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles to provide a security solution for round-the-clock surveillance. Located on the bustling Sunset Strip, the hotel had a great need for versatile, user-friendly Wireless Security Cameras and recorders that allowed their staff to keep an eye on the premises at all times. A variety of Hikvision models now protect the hotel guests and serve as powerful tools to keep hotel operations running smoothly.


The hotel had outgrown their legacy ip cctv system and was hoping to upgrade to cameras that provided broad coverage and high-quality images in a variety of interior and exterior environments. It was also important that the interface for the security system was easy for employees to learn.


“We wanted something that we could use from an operational standpoint and from a safety standpoint,” explained Brenda Elias, operations manager for the Sunset Plaza.


Ms. Elias turned to Constantin Paul Bunea, the founder and CEO of Darkcad Tec, who had been serving as systems integrator for the hotel for ten years. After considering the options available on the market, he felt confident that Hikvision was the brand that would meet their needs.


“I selected Hikvision IP Camera because the quality is very high, third party integration is easy, and the company provides excellent technical support.” Mr. Bunea stated.


Darkcad Tec installed over twenty Hikvision IP cameras throughout the hotel, each well suited for a specific function. The DS-2CD2332-I turret, with Hikvision’s patented EXIR infrared technology, is being used in the parking garage, boasting image quality clear enough to make out license plates. A 3 MP fisheye Wireless IP CCTV Camera, the DS-2CD6332FWD-I, allows for a 360° view of the main entrance. Cameras such as the DS-2CD2132F-I dome are being used at other hotel entrances, where HD real-time video is essential. This surveillance system is but one example of Hikvision products providing benefit to hotels all across North America.


“The versatility and scalability of Hikvision products make them well-suited for a wide range of vertical markets,” stated Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision USA and Hikvision Canada. “We are pleased to serve our customers in the hospitality industry as they seek to provide safe and enjoyable experiences for their guests.”


To read a detailed case study about the Hikvision solution in use at the Sunset Plaza Hotel, visit   To learn more about Hikvision’s cutting edge video surveillance solutions, see them in person at ISC West in Las Vegas, booth 14059, April 6-8.


Siqura’s HD IP dome cameras help secure 225 medical emergency helipads in Spain

Accidents can and do happen, but being prepared for them is what can really make the difference between life and death in a critical situation.

In the autonomous region of Castilla-La Mancha in Central Spain, the health care authority, SESCAM, takes people’s well-being seriously. SESCAM is stepping up its medical airlift services with 166 new helipads and a communications and video network system that is built to effectively counter any calamity.

Centralizing the system

Currently, there are 59 medical emergency helicopter landing pads in Castilla-La Mancha. Since 2006, SESCAM has offered airlift services at night, making Castilla-La Mancha the only autonomous region in Spain with emergency helicopter facilities available 24 hours per day. SESCAM intends to further its achievements by increasing the number of helipads to 225 and centralizing the communications network.

Taking on the implementation of this critical project is Indra, the premier IT company in Spain and a leading IT multinational in Europe and Latin America that has worked successfully with SESCAM on many medical care related projects. Indra will oversee the design and deployment of an integrated network system that connects the 225 helipads and coordinates the airlift services. The network will combine wireless technology, CCTV, aeronautical signaling, complex weather stations equipped with lighting sensors, and a central control center to which emergency calls will be sent.

Excellent oversight

In order to ensure that the landing pads are visible in all sorts of conditions, Indra has enlisted the help of Siqura, manufacturer of advanced video surveillance solutions. Siqura will provide over 300 of its high-definition (HD) fixed IP dome Security Cameras to assist operators in overseeing the highly critical areas on and around the helipads. The vandal-proof fixed dome cameras (FD62) that will be used in the system are part of a series of six cameras that provide HD resolution images in H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG.

Conserving bandwidth through improving quality

H.264 currently offers the best image quality available while at the same time reducing bandwidth requirements. The Siqura FD62 Wireless Security Cameras proficiently balance the intensified processing power requirements inherent in H.264 compression with network limitations. As a result, the Siqura FD62 Infrared Security Cameras being deployed in Castilla-La Mancha are able to efficiently offer H.264 streams at HD resolutions while using relatively little bandwidth.

HD resolution

High-definition (HD) image resolutions are without a doubt a solid step up from their standard-definition and analog predecessors. A 16×9 aspect ratio significantly widens the scope of a camera’s effective field of view, ultimately reducing the number of cameras needed for a given application. The HD (720p) resolution material streamed by the Siqura FD62 considerably intensifies the number of available pixels, providing Wireless IP CCTV Camera images with more detail than ever before.

The multiple combinations of resolution and frame rate available satisfy the demands of a variety of live-viewing and recording scenarios necessary in such critical applications as emergency medical transport.

Seeing in the dark

The Siqura FD62 IP CCTV Camera offer true day/night and backlight compensation as standard features to ensure quality images in difficult lighting conditions. The cameras also include features such as motion detection and privacy masks, so that the helipads can be monitored as effectively as possible.

Extensive integration

Since the Siqura FD62 cameras comply with ONVIF specifications, they are already integrated into the major video management systems, so it is easy to incorporate them into SESCAM’s new network.

Keeping incidents from escalating

It might not always be possible to keep mishaps from happening but if you’re prepared, it’s possible to keep incidents from escalating into bona fide calamities. SESCAM’s new and improved airlift system will help to manage the urgent realities inherent in emergency medicine. So while doctors and hospital staff work to save lives on the ground, SESCAM, Indra, and Siqura will ensure that those in need of medical care swiftly and safely get where they need to go.

Sony excited by new G6 CCTV cameras pushing performance boundaries

Chris Whitting, Business Development Manager at Sony Video Security, told SecurityNewsDesk the G6 platform is about driving the capabilities of HD to produce levels of image quality, low light quality and speed not previously seen before.

“Moving up to 60 fps brings huge advantage to transportation – where you are filming fast-moving vehicles and trying to capturing details of number plates – and into the gaming community,” said Whitting.

“We have been doing some trials in both transport and gaming with a couple of live partners and having phenomenal success being able to give huge differences in the quality of colour rendition, speed of image and identifiable information from those images.

“It’s all enabled by the fact the technology has moved on, we’ve got the amazing chip set and the software algorithms on it. When all linked together and operated in conjunction with one another, it gives a huge advancement in image quality.

“It really is a revolution in the industry.”

The G6 platform is also equipped with advancements in Sony’s analytics and analytical software, DEPA Advanced, to aid intelligent motion detection through new decision-making processes contained within the IP CCTV Security Camera.

Now capable of analysing 15 frames against a reference frame, the range can significantly reduce the amount of false alarms in motion detection based on user-defined rules.

Whitting added: “We are enabling the Wireless IP CCTV Camera to make the intelligent decision out on the edge of the network using its on-board analytics and that comes back into the network, so it’s not overloading the network with video traffic.

“This is a huge impact for pretty much every organisation out there and is why blue-chip companies are choosing our technology and putting them throughout their whole estates.”

Security Buying Group launches TBT thermal imaging camera

The high resolution TPV-SW-20 / 35, night-vision, thermal Security Cameras from TBT is now available through the Security Buying Group. The camera’s thermal imaging resolution of 720 x 576 pixels out-performs most other thermal camera’s currently available in the security industry, successfully detecting people at night from over 800m away.

The thermal Wireless Security Cameras is designed for medium to long-range perimeter surveillance applications and offers extensive detection and recognition distances. Using its 35mm lens option, with a field of view 15.6°, it will detect people and vehicles at up to 803m and 2539m respectively, identifying them at 97m or 285m. The 20mm lens options give a shorter, but wider field of view at 27°. This lens option will detect people and vehicles at up to 459m and 1348m respectively, identifying them at 97m or 285m. Thermal technology will also successfully detecting people and vehicles in rain, mist and fog.

The camera’s rugged, weatherproof case withstands the most challenging environments. It has an optional, 1000 hour saltwater-resistant coating, for extreme weather conditions, so it can be used in coastal locations such as ports, harbours, sea fronts and marinas. The 3G, vibration resistant option ensures reliable operation in transportation and mobile applications.

The night-vision IP CCTV Security Camera thermal imaging video stream is produced using TBT’s unique, micro bolometer thermal sensor. It has 720 x 576 pixels Clear Video Resolution, a Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) of less than 40mk and a Pixel Pitch of 25µm. TBT’s medium resolution, combined video and thermal imaging, night-vision Wireless IP CCTV Camera with 320 x 240 pixels thermal resolution, has already been successfully launched by the Security Buying Group.

The mechanism is robust, reliable and designed for ease of installation and set-up. It has a hinged, external OSD key control panel with keypad; a concealed cable mounting bracket, with built-in junction box, which allows 3-axis adjustability; and the camera operates between -35°C and 55°C.